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 Last night was the first night of the Zorn Residency at Yoshi's - or the first night I was going to. And OMFG. My heart broke just wide open. Tears came to my eyes more than once. And I was just so so so so happy. The things that a violin, a cello and a bass can do when conducted by Zorn. We were close enough that we could hear the in between song banter and at one point Zorn shakes all their hands post song and says Gentlemen that's really as good as it gets. I couldn't have agreed more. With no video camera or still photo camera to hide behind and with a seat that was literally stage side there was no separating myself or my heart from the music and the free floating goo that makes up my thoughts, feelings and passions felt barely contained in all of the exquisite. Knowing the songs and hearing how and where they were varying from the original compositions was magic. I felt like how I have heard spiritual awakenings described. This is my walk back into music as survival and music as the sustaining force. These nights are my vows. I am on a new road and we all know it but the priorities are set and digging themselves deeper every day and every moment. I am officially looking for a mentor again and I finally am starting to believe that thing that M has been telling me for over a year... 

"It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but
the best, you very often get it." - Somerset Maugham

Images from last night's playtime

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time is feeling so whirlwindy that i can barely think. so i will go day by day.

friday - work was cukoo crazy and i was rush rush rushing and thinking to myself - was i really in new orleans just four days ago? - but there was gypsy punk to be had. so i ran home got myself some acceptable fashiony goodness, confirmed that the video camera was charged and ready for filming and zipped right back to the same neighborhood i work in :) to have a whole different kind of fun. met up with [livejournal.com profile] postmaudlin for a wonderful partner in crime / date for the night, and dancy danced and filmy filmed and fell in love with [livejournal.com profile] humanwine and looked at all of the pretty things and got short but sweet facetime with [livejournal.com profile] whittles ,  [livejournal.com profile] fightingwords , [livejournal.com profile] mc_kingfish , [livejournal.com profile] rivetpepsquad and a few other folks that i am sure have LJ's but i don't know them. home late (as usual from a hubba) and got all the videos up on the youtubes. phew and crash out.

sat - wake up early since rooster has an early film shoot. make the coffee, open the windows that the hard morning air that smacks your face and says wake up! this day is waiting! did some minor house cleaning, physical therapy for the arms and accordion practice. cranky and grumpy with arm pain. probably due to stress of sunday photo shoot. also know that the vagabondage logo is being looked at by the most awesome [livejournal.com profile] sagahar and maybe finalized, omg yay and nervous - what will it look like - squee!!! art for hubba postcard by the always impressive R.Black featuring vagabondage comes in - time to figure out how to get it printed (with thankful help from [livejournal.com profile] mc_kingfish ) and there is so much bandy band my head is swimming. rooster and i take the lucky dog to the park and then make a tasty tasty dinner and watch Ace in the Hole - but with commentary on - so i still need to watch it again. Damn Kirk Douglas is a sexy motherfucker.

sunday - eek ack eek. time change hell. wake up running late. suitcase of loaner clothes packed. coffee had. mid level anxiety about loaner clothes smelling like smoke and having to pay damages and being bankrupted. run out, pick up loaner corset, happy face, no time for coffee,sad face, stop by store for bread to go with lunch for crew, damn traffic ARGH ARGH ARGH, and in oakland only 15 minutes after [livejournal.com profile] elusis and [livejournal.com profile] lemonmerchant have arrived. [livejournal.com profile] elusis being the fantastic fucking art director. (pictured below). once i am there i take a deep breath and chill the fuck out. fancy is made, wine is opened, clothes are played with, and smoking is delayed for when clothes are zipped away safe in the suitcase. later red beans and rice rock my world, we all jam a little together, and then once it's just me and punk we put away two more bottles of too expensive wine and end the night with a lot of yay.

monday - omg i love having mondays off. wake up to the new vagabondage logo. HOLY HOT DAMN ITS FUCKING COOL. and hold on now that the shoot is done and i've seen the new logo - my arms hurt less. hilarious. wake up slow with a mean fucking headache and coffee helps. putter around doing art work and de-cat hairing the loaners and checking everything back in. drop rooster off at another film shoot, head into town to return stuff - whoohoo no damages. meet up with [livejournal.com profile] smallstages for coffee that turns into a snack that turns into dinner - she so tricked me! :) then to punks for regular monday practice and to do a first run through of the pics and then a few songs jam - damn love that upright bass, and blackened catfish and then to hubba to see [livejournal.com profile] elusis do her awesome singy thing. so good. SO FUCKING GOOD. and then home and rooster is catching a cold from too many outdoor film shoots.

today - back at work trying to get into the groove and feeling too hyper. dinner later with a friend and then weds - sun every night is zorn zorn zorn. it's a little overwhelming. but damn i am excited.

photos woo

Jan. 30th, 2009 09:22 am
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xposted to [livejournal.com profile] vagabondageband 

The Vagabondage performy show for Chinese New Years was really really fun. And since it was in the home of a professional photographer - she documented in the nicest ways - there are videos over on the youtube account - but this eye candy was just to fun to not post.

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 for Rooster's birthday we jumped off the edge of the world and started driving

the fog promised us mysteries and the barns promised magic

the road tried to shake us with it's curves and hills

but we found the warm lights of our new home

the fires were burning on new years eve

and the driftwood dressed up for us in the morning

oceans and bridges and i'm standing on the edge of everything

we consider drunken tattoos

but instead hunt for sea otters and dreams

at night the ghosts get close

and good signs abound

we do have the largest remote in the world sharing the house with us

the coffee leaves a heart on the counter

the dog likes the view

bleary eyes sit up from bed to see this

our stay in the wine barrel (yes it really was a wine vat / barrel) was perfect

and then we drove home for the most amazing gypsy punk burlesque

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some days - especially sundays - are funny. so i didn't go to the park and squeezebox. instead i went to the mall. wait now - before you get all weird about it - that's really only the beginning of the story. so i went to the mall and bought a tank top. wahoo - i am living large. and then headed to black heart tattoo for the consult. punchline of that. i didnt realize my consult was an appt. i thought it was a period of time on sundays when consults happened. bad communication. ok well - thankfully i was only 6 mins late for my consult. which then took 10 mins. tattoo is planned. now since the place is right next to zeitgeist i decided hell - [personal profile] gordonzola  likes to meet me at zeit for beer. so i had texted him earlier to see if he wanted to. he is one of my favorite zeit pals and yay he was up for it. but because the consult wasn't first come first serve and was pretty quick - i was there early. got my bloody mary. sat down and huzzah is that cribbage i hear next to me at the table? what commenced involved a lot of cribbage, crashing a bday party, a lot of bloody marys and something close to a sunburn. still plannin on k'v after some food. woot. best sunday in a while. here are pics of me, [personal profile] gordonzola and hillary - who was turning 30 and likes to play cribbage.

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awesome rain fashion

booo no dogs on beach

i love this house

lucky likes blankets not rain

and coming home - rain rain rain and traffic

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photo by [profile] beckastar

Yay thanks for the pic!
shown is [personal profile] reveritas, [profile] muy_macha and me
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yesterday was fun, in part because we managed to drink cups full of happy
it was bbq on angel island. watching ping pong and volleyball and knowing that my co-workers can indeed be pretty fun and rad people especially when we're not in the office.
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Friday - post Women's Brunch pre Trans March loving Bernal Hill with my pal

then Gay Noir shorts at the Castro

then the Trans March with
Dueling Cookie Monster underwears

attacking owl umbrellas

drinking in public

Getting all goth

Hosting Queer Open Mic

Thanks to Borggrrl, NickDandy and HuskyPapi for the pics
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home early and feeling pretty sad. i had fun out and about today. i had fun with pals. but now... honestly... kinda sad. home earlier than i wanna be really. last week was all about being out until i got home and passed out without paying attention. i sense this week won't really be quite like that. but in good news - hair got freshened with the red today. woot. and so far i do have a contest running for "most interesting compliment" of june this year. in the lead - from saturday night "well you look like you could be a heroin addict. i mean in a good way. like heroin chic." funniest part - he really did mean it as a compliment.

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So I have a lot to say about lakes and water and class and St. Helena and local routes vs tourist routes and how not to water ski and lake etiquette and sun burns and chicken bones and what i want in life and and and

but a picture is worth a thousand words right? that and trying to sleep with no pillow on rolled up jeans means i am so tired right now. but this morning i walked down to the water and swam in my pajamas. yay.

these are from our right on the water campsite. taken with the cell phone. more over on flickr.com but - the cell phone died - so i only got pics just before it got dark. sadly no photo evidence of the pajama monkey swamp monster arising from the 8am waters. :)



Jun. 12th, 2007 08:52 am
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Hey World
Thanks so far. I really think it's going to be an awesome day. And this isn't me jinxing it - it's me being thankful for what I already have by 845am. Woke up sharp @ 6 with no alarm. Just the smell of ocean, some cold of morning and sunshine. Got showered and all of the stuff for tonight together, packed up the car and drove into town to try and park near the Center. Waited for about 30minutes (all in the plan) on one of the all day parking streets waiting for a spot to open so that I wouldn't have to pay $30 to park at my office. Got to listen to a mix cd i love and watch the people of SF head for muni. Really a lot of people don't drive. After a half an hour no one moved so I decided to suck it up and drive in. On my way around to the get to work route an all day spot opened up. OMG YAYZ. So I parked, got some coffee and bagel from the $3 Bill and got on the F train. OMG I heart the F train. Reminds me of why I like living here. I had a seat to myself. I opened the window. I took pictures. Arrived at work early - took care of a personal errand - still got in early and everyone here is all YAYZ good mood. Well alrighty then. OH and my voicemail is working again as of this morning. Rock it. Tonight is going to be so much fun. And I have a lunch date. Wheeee!

Commute evidence

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+ being the hero at work
+physical therapy for zee arms
- last physical therapy appt
- stressy stressy work as i clean up unavoidable errors
+ i do now have proof that i do a good job at my job
+ getting over to le f.a.g. house early enought to help and hang out with one of my favorite pals (yes you [livejournal.com profile] gordonzola )
+ getting to eat tasty slutty food (i say cheese is slutty - nothing can taste that good and be wholesome)
+ taking cell phone pictures - yes i have become THAT gurl
+ rides home from nice people that rock so hard - i am point at you iamnotandre  (how did i spell this wrong or does lj just hate me?) and [livejournal.com profile] pantryslut

plus pictures!!!
here and at http://www.flickr.com/photos/emchy/playtime )
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Qball - Katastrophe Qball - Katastrophe
Qball - Thea Hillman Qball - Thea Hillman
Qball - Luna Maia Qball - Luna Maia
Qball - Sini Anderson & Brand New Highway project 2 Qball - Sini Anderson & Brand New Highway project 2
Qball - Sini Anderson & Brand New Highway project 5 Qball - Sini Anderson & Brand New Highway project 5
Qball - Annie Sprinkle painting Tina Butcher Qball - Annie Sprinkle painting Tina Butcher
Later - Flyering with Sini @ the Lex bathroom Later - Flyering with Sini @ the Lex bathroom
Much Later - this is me and my kitchen floor at 3am Much Later - this is me and my kitchen floor at 3am
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Tattoo Stencil Tattoo Stencil
Emchy and Mikal - starting the ink Emchy and Mikal - starting the ink
Emchy and Mike - i luv a tattoo Emchy and Mike - i luv a tattoo
Goodbadgirl is ROCKIN moral support (and good photographer!!!) Goodbadgirl is ROCKIN moral support (and good photographer!!!)
Mikal - best tattooish EVAH! Mikal - best tattooish EVAH!
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We got to Oregon - it immediately started raining We got to Oregon - it immediately started raining
the mister is making the ride a good thing the mister is making the ride a good thing
Walking up in Mt Tabor park with mom, baby and dogs Walking up in Mt Tabor park with mom, baby and dogs
Its a dog walking party! Its a dog walking party!
i take pics of myself to prove i am there too i take pics of myself to prove i am there too
izzy the boxer can drink from the water fountain izzy the boxer can drink from the water fountain
mister and lucky... awwww mister and lucky... awwww
the path to discovery the path to discovery
back home and the dog is EXHAUSTED! back home and the dog is EXHAUSTED!
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five hours old five hours old
closer closer
color comes in two weeks color comes in two weeks

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