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at Hotel Utah in San Francisco

Seriously it's going to be a great show plus you can help some starving musicians make rent. If you can please come on out - we have a set locked and loaded that is going to blow the roof off the joint and the Utah is a fun fun venue. Also - if you can please help spread the word about the show. This is one of those that could help us as a band get more paying gigs (and touring gigs) if it goes well so I would consider it a huge personal favor if you helped us get the word out.  Here's the blurb. xo emchy.

Come see my band Rhubarb Whiskey along with awesome touring awesome Mr. Crosby Taylor and local vixen Gayle Lynn and the Hired Hands - show starts @ 8pm and costs $8. 21+ (since it’s a bar and all)

A night of bar stool spirituals, foot stompin alt country and kickin americana music all at the Hotel Utah. Come on out and support local music AND touring rock star Crosby Taylor.

Crosby Taylor is armed with a guitar, amp, drum, and harmonica, conjuring the spirit of the delta by way of the streets of LA.

Rhubarb Whiskey is digging up murder ballads new and old to romance you with the swampy beauty of straight up old school country.

Gayle Lynn and the Hired Hands play bourbon soaked originals to feed your soul.
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So I have a show tonight woohoo! Rhubarb Whiskey is bringing murder ballads and accordion craziness to the grand reopening gala for Smythe's Accordion Shop. This also coincides nicely with amazing weather and Oakland's Art Murmur tonight. Plus the show is packed from Noon - 10 with fancy accordion calendar babes playing music. You know you wanna. Performers will include: Dorian Wood, Christian Kuffner, Big Lou the Accordion Princess, Luz Gaxiola, Nada Lewis, Amber Lee Baker, Renee de la Prade, Tara Linda, Mad Maggie, Salane C. Schultz, Rhubarb Whiskey & more

But so in looking up tonights show and updating the band calendars I realized that there are a tons of things coming up. So I thought I would share. xo

April 1, 2011
with Rhubarb Whiskey
Smythe's Accordion Shop Gala
2155 Broadway, Oakland

April 21, 2011
with Vagabondage
Blue Macaw, San Francisco

April 22. 2011
with Vagabondage
featuring Lulu McCubbins Ragtime Cabaret
Bazaar Cafe
San Francisco. CA

May 4, 2011
with Rhubarb Whiskey
featuring Crosby Tyler
Hotel Utah Saloon, SF

May 9, 2011
with Vagabondage
Hubba Hubba Revue
The Uptown, Oakland

May 21 & 22. 2011
with Vagabondage
Maker Faire
San Mateo County Event Center

June 15, 2011
with Vagabondage
Red Hots Burlesque
El Rio, San Francisco
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Vagabonadge brings you the Big Gay Cabaret to celebrate the Homo Holidays and the release of their first EP. Come and enjoy an amazing array of fabulous performers making music and taking off their clothes and kickin it cabaret style in honor of Pride Month. The night is for anyone who is ready to get down and celebrate their queer family. All are welcome. Come rock out.
Featuring burlesque from Lola Vauntz! Poetry and accordions from Nomy Lamm! The erotic delights of Bearlesque! Foot stomping rowdy heartbreakin' music from Vagabondage! plus all the way from the Rust Belt the ruckus raising dixieland jazz clowngirl herself, Waltzing Matilda the One Beer Prophet.

The Big Gay Cabaret

June 5
doors 7:30
show 8pm
$10 - 20 sliding scale
The Dark Room
Mission @ 19th

Some delightful images and information from just a few of your performers....

Aw - our bear is shy. But wait until you see what's under all of that fur! Mrrow. I mean... GROWL!!!

Nomy Lamm
An American singer songwriter and political activist. Lamm describes herself as a bad ass, fat ass, Jew Dyke amputee. We also know her as one hot shit accordion player and poet... welcome to the stage madame!

Lola Vauntz

Lola Vauntz likes to think of herself as a semi-naked comedienne. Her witty and wacky burlesque performances have audiences not just wolf-whistling but also howling with laughter.

Waltzing Matilda the One Beer Prophet
A train hopping, tough talking, sweet sounding, whiskey drinking accordion player from the Rust Belt, she's been known to swoon people along every coast with her talents. She's only in town for a bit - so be sure not to miss this once in a lifetime show.

Your hosts and general social deviants are so excited to be putting this shindig together. A musical duo from a past that never happened – Vagabondage will usher you into a realm of accordion, guitar, kazoo, hindsight prophecies, and phone calls from dead lovers on sultry nights.


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a good mood that isn't shaking off today makes for the happy. yesterday was sun and accordions and win at the cotati accordion festival. a completely acoustic set was a bit rough on us given the general ambient noise at a festival where a stage with amps is nearby - but we gave it the old college try. traffic going home was harsh - 45 miles in 3 hours. but the air smelled like country and the breeze was warm so we just rolled down the windows and fell in love with golden hour. cotati is a charming town. the crowd was friendly like i forgot folks could be. if it was closer to home it would become my new home of choice. as is - it may just need to become the land of day trips.
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my first comment on my lost accordion weekend - wine and benedryl do not mix. not at all. nope not even a little. not even if you take the benedryl at 10am and don't have a drink until after 6pm. on sunday i turned into a late evening trainwreck the likes of which has not been seen by me since probably 2002. and when i did trainwreck like that back in 2002 - i knew it would happen. i knew i drank too much and tada my fault. this time - i drank what is a pretty normal amount for me to be a happy drunkypants but not too messy and sober by the time i would be driving home. instead i found myself at punks house feeling like i was dying and unable to make any functional decisions about anything. there were widespread repurcussions and fuckuperry and including the inability to ingest even water until 11am the next day. punk who has seen me at my worst has now seen me at my more than worst. ow ow ow. bruises and injured shoulder and some numb fingers and a still sensitive stomach two days later are what i have to show for myself. not happy. thankfully rooster helped me figure out the benedryl angle so at least i don't feel insane.

that said.

monsters on saturday was grand and i was happy to share my concert going happy with [livejournal.com profile] redshrike and [livejournal.com profile] mollena. [livejournal.com profile] mollena has posted a bunch of the video she took up over on youtube. there was so much win. here is just one of them of the monsters hilarious finale. i would like to retitle this Accordion Hubris. but you know - i am a dork like that.

then the accordion class on saturday. it was so fun. i learned some things. i ended up overestimating my skills and got a little discouraged a couple of times when i was in a more advanced group. but it worked out and i can now play the bassline for california uber alles. which is kinda cool.

the show itself later was mucho awesome. actually even better than the saturday show. duckmandu brought out a guy on the shamisen and really it just completely blew me away. punk LOVED the show. which i knew he would - but he got to be as blown away as i was last year and it super rocked his world. if you're reading this and you're up in northern west coast - catch the show man. it's unbelievable.
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friday i woke up full of snuggle. this to me is a good sign. i am often the fidgety bed cat once awake and really need to get up within a short span of approximately 10 minutes after consciousness hits.  but friday i was full of soft burrow in sorts of cuddleness. work was also a good thing. some of the [data embargo] seems to be clearing up and regardless my pms is leaving and my emotions are more like i like them. existing and present but not a rollercoaster of overwhelm.

onto the open mic which was full of so much win. kirya traber kicked 8 zillion kinds of literary asses. we all sang a good old fashioned happy birthday song to [personal profile] doppmonster and i got to hug and squeeze on a whole passle of LJ folks.  had brought my teeny accordion as sound effect music. [personal profile] fightingwords rocked it.

then it was on the the mark growden curated 705 show. a cross cultural exchange between san francisco and santa rosa. [personal profile] whittles was my uber charming date. unlike our last accordion show together she was a little more manly and i was a bit more girly. the exact swapping of gender performative fashion. and it wasn't even planned! le w00t. i think these were our tough faces.

the music at the show was so good. now its the next morning and i have no idea of anyone's name. sigh. but i am going to go dig up the show listing from somewhere and go get all itunes supportive. my legs and arms are full of ache from the stomping and the pounding and the clapping (damn rsi) and my road is rough like gravel roads from the yelling and singing along. mark of course was the awesome. here is a pic of him playing st. judas.

i got to get that teenage feeling back a few times with music all up in my chest and [personal profile] whittles to gush at about it. mark played guitar, banjo, accordion, saxaphone and at one point, bicycle handlebars. mmm the haunting. other folks played cellos, standup bass, keyboards, guitars and like twelve more kinds of awesome. at one point there was a pink ruffly skirt, rapping, and beach balls. it was a strange and perfect combination. my throat got filled with metaphorical glitter.

something else sort of amazing. when you're at a show. if its the right show. when you should 'who has a sharpie' someone will just pull one out of their pocket for you. that did happen last night and so whittles was able to modify my tattoo as she has been threatening to do for a very long time.
 that my friends needs to become a new LJ icon. seriously.

it was also a night of hats. i felt not left out with flowers in my hair (thank you for the duet [profile] ksea) but sadly there was no cell phone documentation of the fabulous chapeaus.

it's kinda hard in a way to sum up the night. i got to be full of crazy burst fireworks of happy. i felt like i let the stress and ick of the week fall off in that way that seems very stereotypically 'office worker let's loose on TGIF!' But damn it was fun. last night i was full of words about it and today i am only half full and the words are clumsier than what the feelings were. i felt moved and impressed and in my own heart and loved. yea you know that was part of it. i got to see some friends and be out in the world and i have been so hermited lately, and hermited even when i am out. my heart was closed off even if i was out and about. last night i let myself be open again and felt easy and loose in my joints. even as i stomped them into sore jangly bits. it was as they say a good time. i plan to have it again. i need to pay attention to the signs. to myself. it's all about music these days. that's where this goodness is coming from. i have to make the time to invite more in. and later - i will be practicing - oh yes.

my choice sayings of the night:
satans got your nose
my heart attack tastes like fried milk
it's like eating the earth - in a good way
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today was a wacky wacky day. starting with tasty eggs and coffee without soymilk - it quickly turned into a drive down the coast with john (and rooster) to go record some Vagabondage songs. personally I was still kinda show high from last night at QOM and the subsequent previously mentioned accordion jam. so i coulda used more coffee for sure and my arm was a bit raring to go.

the drive was the stuff of legends. clear and gorgeous with all of the windows down and salty sexy air all over us. good times. quick snafu in strip mall-landia and soon we're off and running with kyle and his four track. three hours later we have four songs down and awesome. there was squeezing of boxes, kazoo mania and some damn fine singing. soon you'll be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor as we laid our first four songs onto a digital facsimile of wax. but until then - here is the photographic evidence that could be culled when one of us wasn't holding an instrument or two...

then it was zooma zoom home, quickly down some food, grab some poems and then off again to the Ackers Daughters reading at $3 Bill that Cherry Bleeds put on. Good times folks. Here is some picture evidence of that adventure. in order that's MK Chavez, Jennifer Blowdryer, and Heather Rainey. w00t.

it was a good reading and i (unwittlingly) read only road trip / driving poems. awesome. i have a new mix cd forming in my head for summer. this weather is helping. now i have the windows open and a boozy drink in a mason jar. doesn't get much better than that.
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so last night after QOM me and my accordion weren't ready to call it a night and i just happened to know that the million fishes art collective was partnering with accordion apocalypse to have an accordion night. knowing her love for the squeezebox i asked and she agreed so [personal profile] mollena and i puttered our way down to the mission. it was fun. sitting with a handful of folks jammin. hearing my accordion teacher tell [personal profile] mollena i was a natural. aww that's nice. i dont FEEL like a natural with some of the stuff that makes me crazy but... it's nice to hear. maybe i am doing better than expected at five months in. and honestly - december and feb i basically didn't touch the thing. it was fun though. accordion jamming is fun. today it's down to moss beach to put some songs on the digital equivalent of wax. for vagabondage. good times.

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Saturday, April 12th
7:00 pm
1800 Market Street
Performing the most dangerous, transgressive literary
work this side of Kathy Acker:


$5 Suggest donation (writer's paid) no one turned away
for LOF.

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