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just for the record
i am about 600% happier today

rooster being home, good friend company, huggle IM's, productivity at work, proactive self around some personal business, weekend arriving are all a big part of why

also there is this - which i cannot even wait to get on the train home to read. i actually WANT muni to get delayed today :)
the best film magazine in the world with THIS film that i totally want to take apart and get brainy about on the inside - omg - omg - omg - HAPPY

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i have often often said to rooster that someday - i really want a vintage corvette. talking 1967 corvette stingray with custom detailing. whitewall tires. the works.

what i haven't said so much is that i also wanted a black old school motor city muscle car.

*cough* (deathproof) *cough*

lookit this! omg so sexy,

i dunno - would it be totally weird to have two cars and no garage?
or to trade in the practical car for something AWESOME!?!

this will likely not come to pass since you know... i like to eat and pay my rent and stuff
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feminist review of grindhouse
comments rock as hard as the review
mostly - i love where this is taking my brain - whether or not i agree with everything written


i just love the layers and the ways to look at things.
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and you think i am kidding but i am not. last night getting to see grindhouse, which i have been out of my skin jumpy excited about since SEPTEMBER, i had the pre movie happy adrenaline. i got the OMG look at what they did with the: trailers. credit fonts. cameos. film burns. film treatments. action sequences. gratuitous. bad ass. action. adrenaline. jumpy. fire. guns. cameos. etc.

and then i got to TALK about it. and get home and TALK MORE about it. and all the out of my skin jumpy excited that i used to walk in about pop culture and film and music on a daily basis is back and kind of kicking my ass / exhausting me because all i want to do is talk and talk really fast and jump around and find more movies to see and go read variety and sight and sound and dig into it all like i used to do when i had two large legal sized filing cabinets overflowing with clipped magazine and academic and whatever i could find articles on every single music/art/film thing that i liked so that i could have a place to store the archives of knowledge that i was pouring through all of the time b/c i had free access to essentially every magazine published. for realz.

and now NOW i find out that zorn has a great american music hall show in november and my tickets are bought and omg music and jazz and avante and noise and WOW WOW WOW and i am so excited and i can't even stand it and i just want to go and BUY lots of MAGAZINES and MUSIC and MOVIES and watch and think and talk and explore and find new places in my brain that think all new kinds of ways

and tonight if QOM and i am so excited to hear more art and more people and poetry and reading and wowowowowowow.

btw - i am reading at poems under the dome at city hall on monday. poemdome.com i think. wanna come?


Apr. 27th, 2007 12:34 am
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i saw grindhouse tonight
i fucking loved it
i wish that you could see a movie the first time more than once.

MY favorite part
1. machete trailer - fuck danny trejo is fucking awesome
2. rosario dawson
3. stunt women with big steel pipes RULE
4. i like rodriguez's better but the car chase scene in tarantino's rocked my world
5. that there are people in the hollywood system who would make something so obviously just FUN for them... it restores my faith in the world

and my most favorite part - my partner in slushee and popcorn crime - thanks [personal profile] gordonzola - you're a grand movie seeing partner! glad you like my film geek side. and folks really - i was in uber film geek mode. it was pretty funny. and i hadn't even had that much coffee,
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i heard that grindhouse isn't doing well so miramax might split up the double feature and market each on its own
omg i still haven't seen it
this is killing me

ok i have a plan
it will happen
geez - when it become such a busy weekend?

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