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So I have a lot to say about lakes and water and class and St. Helena and local routes vs tourist routes and how not to water ski and lake etiquette and sun burns and chicken bones and what i want in life and and and

but a picture is worth a thousand words right? that and trying to sleep with no pillow on rolled up jeans means i am so tired right now. but this morning i walked down to the water and swam in my pajamas. yay.

these are from our right on the water campsite. taken with the cell phone. more over on flickr.com but - the cell phone died - so i only got pics just before it got dark. sadly no photo evidence of the pajama monkey swamp monster arising from the 8am waters. :)

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yayz- omg - to celebrate eight years of happy happy monkey time - so far - i'm getting some bfast made for me - woot! and rooster said last night - instead of going out for dinner i have an idea. folks - we're going to lake berryessa and we're goddamn camping overnight. i am so excited. i has bucket.  squee. woot. yay. LAKE MOTHERFUCKING LAKE. ok - yayz. there are boat rentals there too- but i bet the dog can't go on them. someday maybe i will have a pontoon boat on a lake and all yall can come and relax and we'll putter around the lake @ 5 miles per hour with tasty drinks in hand and the dog happy waggy and it will be teh awesome. for today though - i get to SWIM and it's the happy. i like anniversaries.

hafta call dad on the way there and wish him happy fathers day.
i miss his calm reserved practical happy. my best memories of him are sitting with him on the boat with the beach boys on and we're just enjoying the sun and the water. not talking. not anything except just being there. funny to say boats. boats here are so different than in the midwest. in california they sound wealthy and usually mean yachts or sailboats that cost a gazillion dollars. in michigan - it's anything from a rickety rowboat to a nice ski boat but even then - it's accessible to middle class folks. people who have desk jobs and factory jobs and work for the fire department. it was crazy common to have had at least one friend with some sort of water or lake access or boat type thing.

lakes. dads. family. love.
it's all about today.

drivin on 9

May. 6th, 2007 09:38 pm
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i rode a lot of solo today.
a bike ride around lake merced
and townie errands and dog food and just meander in that sort of efficient yet lazy way i have when it gets too hot.
more bad news that is interconnected with but yet not directly related to the specific [data embargo]
i managed to see death march on my brief sojurn with rooster to take some movies back to le video
fuckin woot woot to death march

i love this heat.

it's so uncomfortable and hot and wonderful.
odds are i won't be able to sleep at all tonight because of it
all of the windows are wide open and my allergies are fucked
and it's all a-ok with me

the only trouble is the exhaust from taraval and the smokers from the restaurant downstairs
already once tonight i had to shut the window for approx 10mins after i rudely yelled out the window
"please don't smoke directly under my window."
yes i yelled the please.
non consensually (even if unintentionally) turning my home into a smoking zone
isn't cool. urban living and all that - but a bit frustrating.
the house doesn't have great ventillation and is an oven with windows shut

i am not sure yet what i think of this weekend.
i got good parts for sure
but i also got two unexpected deaths
so there is a sad echo in my heart

maybe next weekend there can be lake
to clean out some of this grey echo with water
that smells green and blue and alive.

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