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 for Rooster's birthday we jumped off the edge of the world and started driving

the fog promised us mysteries and the barns promised magic

the road tried to shake us with it's curves and hills

but we found the warm lights of our new home

the fires were burning on new years eve

and the driftwood dressed up for us in the morning

oceans and bridges and i'm standing on the edge of everything

we consider drunken tattoos

but instead hunt for sea otters and dreams

at night the ghosts get close

and good signs abound

we do have the largest remote in the world sharing the house with us

the coffee leaves a heart on the counter

the dog likes the view

bleary eyes sit up from bed to see this

our stay in the wine barrel (yes it really was a wine vat / barrel) was perfect

and then we drove home for the most amazing gypsy punk burlesque

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drinking vs incredible responsibility

so tonight originally i was planning to do a work bonding thing after hours. but lo and behold the cohort and i couldn't make it work. raincheck. so i get home and rooster is still at school planning for her thesis defense. so i practice accordion for an hour. then i do all of the dishes. then i dust. then i watch some trashy tv which just feels annoying and so instead i shut that off and work out.

now i am sweaty with a clean house and parts of a new song written.  (its the c triangle pattern at the top moving down on the treble)
plus i am not out any extra cash. plus from working out and wearing decent shoes today my shins feel better.

the main theme running through today is the nature hangover from yesterday. i know i am idealizing but i want more fairfax. more berryessa. more fields and farms and strange musical people banging on things in sheds. i want to bang on things in sheds. one of my friends in oakland has sheds and things to bang and i just wish i could live in her sheds and bang on things all of the time.

i want to lose days to making music and getting sunburned. i want to take off and just drive and not worry.
and then i want to worry and make big salads and lose all of my stress in gardening and tea and coffee on my front beat up wooden porch.
i want you to come over and drink wine out of a clean jar or coffee cup with me while the air gets night time cooler and the crickets start rocking it out.

so now. i figure out. how does moving to new york fit in with all of this. how does the travel need fit in. and i can tell you in some ways. i think its touring. its just travelling and letting the adventures be and letting home be and not working so hard to define and make plans. see i spend so much time making plans that i don't end up sticking to them. it's just want want plan plan and then here i am with no movement years later. this time. she offered. i accepted and tada i was in seattle. and soon tada i'll be in atlanta. and then tada in milwaukee. see. there is a way of just doing it that makes it happen more easily. the new job and better money helps with all of that. easier to buy plane tickets with decent income. but also. there are ways to make it work.

i feel like i am waking up again.
i guess we all need naptime.
but damn - i am just so... ready for this shit.
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i'll start with the pic - because i totally promised [profile] markedformetal that i would post it RIGHT AWAY OMG :)

she took me to a fancy pants members only goth joint near my hotel, woo-d me with boozahol and convinced me to do a sleazy alley photo shoot. ok honestly - it wasn't like that. the photo shoot wasn't sleazy at all. in fact if you an call two girls in club finery bouncing around a dark alley like five year olds sleazy well... wait - now it does sound kinda dirty when i say it like that... ha. but seriously - it was way fun playful and really just incredibly awesome. she showed me a fine fine time and i got to get some dance on and some serious playtime.

the only sad was the absence of my so far LJ only pal [profile] tatoodevil who i was excited to meet in the flesh - raincheck por favor.

then she and cohort dropped me back at the hotel, right around 2am and so i loaded up my pack mule self and headed over to ihop with all of my shit. see my plane leaves at 630am. meaning the shuttle / cab / car thing the hotel set up has to pick me up at 430. do i think 2 hours of sleep works? no. do i think sleeping through an alarm works? no. so i went to the drunken nightmare that is ihop and 235am and omg was it this bad when i went and i too was drunk? because being solo and mostly sober it was beyond tragic and beyond trainwreck. regular diners at least give you that night dirty sort of old grizzled man and insomniac artists vibe. this was just club kids from age 15- 45 drunk loud and still hoping to get into someones pants. i waited. got my glam table for one and realized no fucking way was i going to pull out my laptop.  being alone in a restaurant and pulling out yr computer is one thing - and a thing i am not especially prone to. pulling out your laptop at 3am in ihop when there are kabooty gillion drunkards around - no fucking way. so i got some coffee which honestly tasted literally like brown water - and dug into my bag. what should my wandering hand bring to my attention but [profile] markedformetal's new book sex & bacon. something kind of perfect about reading that while waiting for food at ihop. sadly there is a small tragedy in reading about tasty fresh mussels and fried chicken and then getting food that was kinda horrible. bacon that was essentially raw, same deal with the hashbrowns - i'm a burny crunchy kinda gal. i want it all to break crunch and pop in my mouth. so let's just say late dinner was not so satisfying - but hey - should keep me from being hungry on the plane right?

so now hanging out in the hotel lobby so that i don't wake up my awesome sleeping roomates, waiting the next 40 mins of MUST STAY AWAKE before the car arrives. thank goodness for wifi because really the tubes are the only thing keeping my eyes open and honestly barely. plus the late night hotel lobby culture is totally interesting. cabbies coming in for a moment of howdy and some free candy. the desk folks getting ready to do security walks and stuff - fascinating.

i'll be home and sleeping in my bed by 10am tomorrow w00t.
what will i miss the most? the bed bed i have ever laid on. omg seriously? that bed is crazy. i called it the bed of doom that is full of win for how just amazing it was. i never once was able to lie down on it without a small exclamation of joy and pleasure.

photo post

Apr. 26th, 2008 08:02 pm
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saturday bullets

got up around 830 and discovered the hotels continental breakfast had a make yr own waffle stand - omg! i had a bagel and hard boiled egg though. tasty!

left the hotel solo around 945 and just started walking. i love walking. walked for about three hours around capitol hill.

found the best fountain ever in volunteer park.

met up with doppmonster for lunch and then took her to the best fountain ever.

walked more capitol hill and got tasty mocha truffly things and a russian tea cake to split

made our way downtown via bus to see the fish throwing and go to my favorite dive. it had been 4 hours since lunch so OYSTER TIME

we're at the crab pot and we are HAPPY

then worn out we took the bus back to the hotel and i did my first stint in the hot tub

now slightly rejuvenated i am getting ready for social funtime with [profile] markedformetal
i can't even say how much i needed this weekend damn
prolly not sleeping tonight since have to get to airport by 5am eep!!!!


Apr. 25th, 2008 04:25 pm
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we have officially landed in seatlle. woot. and i feel like a fucking zombie. waited too long to eat and then the restaurant was slow slow slow slow. i really almost tackled some elderly people for their nachos. WANT NOW. but no. i held it vaguely together. todays drive was short and easy. small change in plans has me flying back to SF on Sunday morning - which means that Sunday is actually gonna be pretty easy on me - so that's a good thing.

we drove through olympia and took a pic of the sleater-kiney sign and rocked out to bikini kill...


fun times.

i am looking forward to tonight - gotta refresh the brain though - whooeeee
maybe i'll get in the jacuzzi (omg fer realz?)
we are in a swanky and comfy place that badgerbag found and i am so grateful for these people i call my friends and their awesome taking care of shit skills.

alright - maybe i'll go walk around or something. my roommates are fuzzy sleepy from already hitting the hot bubbly waters while i decompressed by listening to my ipod and doing dumb computer shit.

miss you sf

road log 1

Mar. 9th, 2007 09:43 am
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Seems like i should say sky log 1 since i did fly and not drive down here to LA - but that said there is drving now so - road log flips around curves itself for me and starts to work just fine.

LA is cool. The strangest part is how much it reminds me of Phoenix. The best part of how performative all of the buildings are. With architecture, with paint, with neon, the buildings want to be stars too.

It jumpstarts my inner five year seeing places that are "famous." So far all of my star sightings are of places and buildings. Which makes sense both for me and LA. Though
[profile] geishaghost
saw Forest Whittaker in the same airport gate as the one I arrived in 20 minutes before I got there.

Flying south out of SF was amazing. I could see my house thanks to the proximity of Stern Grove landmark, and the i saw the pacifica pier. Quickly though even the water changed to warm southern ocean instead of the darker and greyer blues of up north and so my landmarks were lost.

I caught my breath flying into LA - seeing the aquaduct and thinking - this is where my friends are from (punk rock drunk pals). And again with a catch on seeing the hollywood sign.

[profile] geishaghost
is the most fabulous host and seeing her at the airport what so SQUEEE. I am delivering hugs btw - so if anyone needs to place an order - let me know. she took me to west hollywood and we got to do some exploring. biggest discovery - that whisky that i am always going on and on about. the black whisky from scotland that they don't make anymore and is super rare. that whisky that i have become fucking obsessed over? there's a bottle sitting on top of her fridge. HOLY FUCK! YAY! so last night i had my first sip in quite a while. i am teh happy.

i am excited for today and for tonights reading.
i am developing a little crush on la.
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i am stopped at the end of a dirt road. the dust of my past is blowing past the front of the car. i have to turn right or left and i have no map. both ways look right. but one isn't. i don't even have a coin to flip.

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