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Alrighty I am clearing out some shoes.  All shoes fit a size 9.

Here's how it works - first commenter to claim the shoes at the listed price gets em.
If you're local we can arrange a pick up / drop off and you can pay me in cash or check
If you need them shipped I am charging $7 for shipping except for the Swear shoes where I need to charge $10 to cover my costs. I would need you to mail me a check and then I will ship out to you.

Here we go!



May. 10th, 2008 09:44 pm
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ok it's becoming clear to me that i need to invest in footwear. and i don't mean just go buy shoes because all of the shoes i am drawn to have no support and leave me with shin splints after a night of happy stompy. so here is what i am looking for. can you help me interweb? i need shoe help.

i like ballet flat style shoes. a modified maryjane is ok, but i prefer if it be a maryjane its strap is more old school ballet shoe styled than traditional maryjanes. i have fallen out of love with keens stylistically. kenneth cole reaction pinch my feet in ways that seem more suited to folsom than to shoe pavilion. but really i am just looking for a cute ballet flat esque shoe that doesn't look horribly boring and in fact maybe even looks kinda quirky and weird but still has enough support that it doesn't just feel like i am walking barefoot.


for the purposes of gathering information - cost and materials are not an issue.
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i want a pair of boots. boots that look cute with skirts. girly and tough.
now if you know me irl you may say - but you have those cute fluevog boots.
they are breaking on the back calf seam

so it breaks my heart but
i need the boots

and i have wide calves
so i have to usually do lace up of some sort to allow for the calves

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just won these shoes
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i want a pair of what zappos.com refers to as dress slip on boots.
they look like this in general - or at least the one's *I* like look like this.
now - what is the general term for these sorts of shoes - and where the fuck can i find them that are cool looking without the $400 price tag* that the two below have attached.
thank you

*and i really thought that the shoes i liked were expensive - omg - i so do not live in this land of mark naison and manolo blahnik shoes

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