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Tattoo Stencil Tattoo Stencil
Emchy and Mikal - starting the ink Emchy and Mikal - starting the ink
Emchy and Mike - i luv a tattoo Emchy and Mike - i luv a tattoo
Goodbadgirl is ROCKIN moral support (and good photographer!!!) Goodbadgirl is ROCKIN moral support (and good photographer!!!)
Mikal - best tattooish EVAH! Mikal - best tattooish EVAH!
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five hours old five hours old
closer closer
color comes in two weeks color comes in two weeks
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does anyone care?

so the tat is inspired by turn of the century french sailor tattoos as reimagined by Gautier and the art direction in the film City of Lost Children. Using that as a base, we then tried to bring in Pierre et Gilles influences with the flowers, and a Mexican/Kahlo inspired script on the banner. The tat is to invoke a sense of love being a strong and moving force in my life and my committment to honoring that love. The text is in spanish to join my love of mexican art and to hold with the theme of the tat from the film, which was in french. However since I have always had more ties to Mexican art / cutlure and not french, the text is spanish. I also think that lyrically speaking spanish is a more romantic and beautifully spoken language than english, and the word in that language more closely reflected their meaning to me. The birds, while traditional icongraphy of sailor tattoos, also hold influences of bluebirds as well as swallows, and bring a 'bluebird of happiness' element to it. reminding me that love brings joy. so many of my tats are about owning the joyful parts of myself. i so easily turn cynical. this is me reclaiming skin. reclaiming the right to be a dorky romantic. reclaiming the right to childlike wonder, awe, and honesty in my love. so that's the tat story. and knowing it's coming, it just, overwhelming me with exactly that childlike happy happy.
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because some folks have asked to see it again (getting it tonight - omigod omigod omigod)

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