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To mark the 82nd anniversary of the stock market crash on Wall Street, and to honor the brave protesters occupying cities around this country and beyond, we're proud to release this free download:


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"...utter heartbreak and beauty all at once... excellent strings on this project include a fiddle that will make you weep into your glass of hooch, the tender mandolin and more..." - Tony Dushane, SFGate

"...a blend of vaudeville, gypsy jazz and Southern-Gothic" - TwangNation.com

"...the excellent alcohol soaked, murder ballad, steam punk band." - Tony Dushane, SFGate

"Atmospheric, literate, romantic drinking songs.  What more do you want out of life?" - Geoff Berner


Here's a link to the brand spanking new album from the Oakland based Rhubarb Whiskey. We wrote and recorded the whole album at a home studio near Lake Merritt on a steady diet of wine, whiskey and cajun food. Full of drinkin songs and murder ballads it has been described by everyone that's heard it as completely addictive.

The link on the photo takes you to the bandcamp page where you can download it sliding scale so that if you're broke like us you can still afford it.

Also - my music lovin friends - please help us spread the word. We threw so much love and grit into these songs, we just gotta try and get em out into the world. So help. Please Please help. If you like the songs, please share it on your facebook, mention it in your blog, throw a link somewhere sometime. Every little bit helps.Big love to you all and let's keep building this awesome musical community of awesome. xoxoxo

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i am in love. she is as of now nameless - suggestions? she's italian if that helps for inspiration...

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i am driven crazy by not yet having the skill to do what i have in my head on my accordion
just practiced for an hour and literally banged my head in frustration so many times
figured out something cool for the throw the goat song
(e backwards stuff on treble) in case i forget later
but GAH

i did though figure something out about a friendship i have been looking for though

in other news
today the wind blew me over to marin. i tried very hard to get lost and did not succeed. i did succeed in buying a very cool pair of earrings and losing one of them between the store and the car. i also got a cuppa coffee and sat in a gorgeous park in fairfax.

then i went to target and ran into folks from my old job that it was amazing to see
AND THEN i got the wife and i takeout from our favorite mexican place in berkeley and brought it home to her

it was after all of that that me and my accordion bonded, argued, laughed and cried.
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so last night after QOM me and my accordion weren't ready to call it a night and i just happened to know that the million fishes art collective was partnering with accordion apocalypse to have an accordion night. knowing her love for the squeezebox i asked and she agreed so [personal profile] mollena and i puttered our way down to the mission. it was fun. sitting with a handful of folks jammin. hearing my accordion teacher tell [personal profile] mollena i was a natural. aww that's nice. i dont FEEL like a natural with some of the stuff that makes me crazy but... it's nice to hear. maybe i am doing better than expected at five months in. and honestly - december and feb i basically didn't touch the thing. it was fun though. accordion jamming is fun. today it's down to moss beach to put some songs on the digital equivalent of wax. for vagabondage. good times.

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i get to bring her home in Feb.
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i have a bayan accordion on loan. omg yay. and now my bellows arm is sore. i am using accordion lessons on youtube. heh. this is fun.

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