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Friday - post Women's Brunch pre Trans March loving Bernal Hill with my pal

then Gay Noir shorts at the Castro

then the Trans March with
Dueling Cookie Monster underwears

attacking owl umbrellas

drinking in public

Getting all goth

Hosting Queer Open Mic

Thanks to Borggrrl, NickDandy and HuskyPapi for the pics
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i am home with the tired sunburn and itchy eyes for the third night in a row of lots of sun, gayness, drink and prolly too much food and excess walking in bad shoes.

that said

trans march on friday
awesome. honestly the queerest and most family event that i was at all weekend. felt the most like pride. loved all of the people i saw. yay,

dyke march on saturday
got up early but got moving towards stuff late. got to the march around 4ish - too late to catch up with most people it turns out - though definately saw teh awesome of the friends i landed with. marched a little. then rooster and i parted from the march - said hi to a pal working at the victoria. then meandered home for relaxing that lasted too late and i went to bed cranky and overtired. the sunburn prolly didn't help.

pride on sunday
it wasn't showing on KRON - WTF? not ok. so got out of the house by 1145 to go have gay brunch and then hit the writers stage by 2. the writers stage was awesome actually - except the faerie village went and amplified their acoustic (apparently they aren't supposed to) so that it was occasionally completely impossible to hear the writers. of course when i got up there i did the "channel my mom's gym teacher voice" thing and yell/spoke all of my poems. i hear that people could hear them. i hope so. it went better than i expected in my own head. i hope people enjoyed it. i seem to be shifting the type of work i write/read. i *think* i like this development. then it was to east bay bbq and wii-ness. it was in fact teh good and awesome. i am however again with the sunburn and bad exhaust on the way home headache cranky.

i feel spoiled with my cranky. super lucky and fortunate and just a bit whiny in fact. i am super grateful and thankful for my month of gay and don't wanna go back to the day job tomorrow. though this time off has made me know that i do actually really like my day job. even with all of its stress. and so that's a good feeling.

i guess now to mentally gear up for it.

*for the record - i wore sunscreen every day.
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hey sexy partay peoples
happy pride
i am feeling all squishy and yayz about it
(t-minus 15 mins in crowd to get squirrel out by too many people - but it's good right now)

i am reading at the writers village @ 2pm with lots of other cool peoples

come and play


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home early and feeling pretty sad. i had fun out and about today. i had fun with pals. but now... honestly... kinda sad. home earlier than i wanna be really. last week was all about being out until i got home and passed out without paying attention. i sense this week won't really be quite like that. but in good news - hair got freshened with the red today. woot. and so far i do have a contest running for "most interesting compliment" of june this year. in the lead - from saturday night "well you look like you could be a heroin addict. i mean in a good way. like heroin chic." funniest part - he really did mean it as a compliment.

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