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you know - it's pretty cool to be able to tell you about this new thing that i watched and thought was hilarious and awesome and actually something i would rent and invite you over for. :)

so we just launched this film that is a really funny mockumentary about people getting addicted to the rabbit vibrator. it's from england and it's awesome. it's a feature length film not a short. you can watch the trailer below. if you wanna view it - you can download to rent for free from the site once you register. (you'll get three free rentals total when you sign up - discount code coming soon from me to get additional free rentals).

awesome. enjoy!


Apr. 27th, 2007 12:34 am
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i saw grindhouse tonight
i fucking loved it
i wish that you could see a movie the first time more than once.

MY favorite part
1. machete trailer - fuck danny trejo is fucking awesome
2. rosario dawson
3. stunt women with big steel pipes RULE
4. i like rodriguez's better but the car chase scene in tarantino's rocked my world
5. that there are people in the hollywood system who would make something so obviously just FUN for them... it restores my faith in the world

and my most favorite part - my partner in slushee and popcorn crime - thanks [personal profile] gordonzola - you're a grand movie seeing partner! glad you like my film geek side. and folks really - i was in uber film geek mode. it was pretty funny. and i hadn't even had that much coffee,
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in 1987 - robert mitchum hosted snl. during this appearance he got his co star - the awesome jane greer to appear on the show as well and they did a spoof on their noir classic - out of the past. for all of the fuss about being able to find ANYTHING on youtube - i am frustrated that this can only be a well documented part of film noir legend - but not on youtube nor google video nor yahoo video etc can i find anything to satisfy my urge - dare i say my NEED to see this clip.

just watched out of the past again. FUCK that's an amazing film.
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So in havinga conversation about video rental - I got thinking about my comfort movies. The ones I own, the ones I rent, that make me feel better after fights, sickness, tiredness, stress, breakups etc.

Mine is ON THE TOWN. Watching both Gene Kelly and Frank SInatra look so naive and just happy - I get a dumb ass smile on my face even if I am crying because of other things. I can watch it over and over and it is my happy place.

Then I realized that my #2 choice doesn't work anymore. ROBIN AND THE SEVEN HOODS used to rock my world. Same sort of goofy happy.

Used both of these movies to get me through some hard times post breakup and into a new and emotionally intense relationship. One of those times when friends check out because they feel betrayed by your break up.

But I made the mistake, while ex and I were 'trying to be friends' we went to a campy screening of ROBIN... at the Parkway in Oakland. Drank a couple pitchers of alcoholic cider, laughed and laughed, had a great time - but now - watching the movie, the memories come in and it's not mine anymore. It became another one of those damn 'us' things. And when it's an 'us' that doesn't exist anymore, I feel like another precious thing has been stolen from me. And I didn't even realize that I was handing over my proverbial wallet.


but on the town will always be mine.

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