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So we just launched a new game on our site. It's one of those so simple it's fun for most people who need to vent some frustrations but it gets harder as you go. Anyway - I am addicted to it like few things.

So please - I encourage you to have a looksee

the Possum Death Spree microsite located at http://possum.atomfilms.com


Be sure to check out the new game and please give us some love on digg:  http://digg.com/playable_web_games/Possum_Death_Spree_The_Game


Let the games begin.
(I got a 32 so far)

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One of the artsier films we've launched lately - i thought some of you might really dig it's silent film stylized goodness
and now you can watch the whole film here without an annoying ad. yay!

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We just launched the next episode of Possum Death Spree.
I love this short.
It totally puts the awesome in possum*

Check it out

*catch phrase by Bucky Sinister
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Yep - that's the awesome Ray Wise in the even awesomer film HellHoles 4 (click on the picture to view the movie)
Just premiered today on AtomFilms and the series is one of the coolest things we've ever had

For the film geeks - it's made by Kyle and Efram - the guys who won the first Project Greenlight

Let me know what you think

Le Woot!

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