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Rowdy, boozy and tender, the music of Rhubarb Whiskey arrives at the end of a long, dusty trail from the deep dark heart of the American west. Boylamayka and Emchy squeeze, strum, pluck and bang on a bevy on instruments to charm and amuse you. Drink up, and see what happens when they combine the old-time beauty of 1850's tintype drinkin' songs with the brash attitude of punk rock.  Rhubarb Whiskey will be your soundtrack to intoxicated nights of the heart, the road, and the adventures you never knew you wanted. 

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Photos by Dave Le. Wardrobe and accessories by Five & Diamond, Dark Garden Corsetry and Professor Shimmy.
Art Direction by Professor Shimmy. General support and awesome from Upstairs.

(after almost a year of being a band we actually have real band pictures - OMG YAY!)
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time is feeling so whirlwindy that i can barely think. so i will go day by day.

friday - work was cukoo crazy and i was rush rush rushing and thinking to myself - was i really in new orleans just four days ago? - but there was gypsy punk to be had. so i ran home got myself some acceptable fashiony goodness, confirmed that the video camera was charged and ready for filming and zipped right back to the same neighborhood i work in :) to have a whole different kind of fun. met up with [livejournal.com profile] postmaudlin for a wonderful partner in crime / date for the night, and dancy danced and filmy filmed and fell in love with [livejournal.com profile] humanwine and looked at all of the pretty things and got short but sweet facetime with [livejournal.com profile] whittles ,  [livejournal.com profile] fightingwords , [livejournal.com profile] mc_kingfish , [livejournal.com profile] rivetpepsquad and a few other folks that i am sure have LJ's but i don't know them. home late (as usual from a hubba) and got all the videos up on the youtubes. phew and crash out.

sat - wake up early since rooster has an early film shoot. make the coffee, open the windows that the hard morning air that smacks your face and says wake up! this day is waiting! did some minor house cleaning, physical therapy for the arms and accordion practice. cranky and grumpy with arm pain. probably due to stress of sunday photo shoot. also know that the vagabondage logo is being looked at by the most awesome [livejournal.com profile] sagahar and maybe finalized, omg yay and nervous - what will it look like - squee!!! art for hubba postcard by the always impressive R.Black featuring vagabondage comes in - time to figure out how to get it printed (with thankful help from [livejournal.com profile] mc_kingfish ) and there is so much bandy band my head is swimming. rooster and i take the lucky dog to the park and then make a tasty tasty dinner and watch Ace in the Hole - but with commentary on - so i still need to watch it again. Damn Kirk Douglas is a sexy motherfucker.

sunday - eek ack eek. time change hell. wake up running late. suitcase of loaner clothes packed. coffee had. mid level anxiety about loaner clothes smelling like smoke and having to pay damages and being bankrupted. run out, pick up loaner corset, happy face, no time for coffee,sad face, stop by store for bread to go with lunch for crew, damn traffic ARGH ARGH ARGH, and in oakland only 15 minutes after [livejournal.com profile] elusis and [livejournal.com profile] lemonmerchant have arrived. [livejournal.com profile] elusis being the fantastic fucking art director. (pictured below). once i am there i take a deep breath and chill the fuck out. fancy is made, wine is opened, clothes are played with, and smoking is delayed for when clothes are zipped away safe in the suitcase. later red beans and rice rock my world, we all jam a little together, and then once it's just me and punk we put away two more bottles of too expensive wine and end the night with a lot of yay.

monday - omg i love having mondays off. wake up to the new vagabondage logo. HOLY HOT DAMN ITS FUCKING COOL. and hold on now that the shoot is done and i've seen the new logo - my arms hurt less. hilarious. wake up slow with a mean fucking headache and coffee helps. putter around doing art work and de-cat hairing the loaners and checking everything back in. drop rooster off at another film shoot, head into town to return stuff - whoohoo no damages. meet up with [livejournal.com profile] smallstages for coffee that turns into a snack that turns into dinner - she so tricked me! :) then to punks for regular monday practice and to do a first run through of the pics and then a few songs jam - damn love that upright bass, and blackened catfish and then to hubba to see [livejournal.com profile] elusis do her awesome singy thing. so good. SO FUCKING GOOD. and then home and rooster is catching a cold from too many outdoor film shoots.

today - back at work trying to get into the groove and feeling too hyper. dinner later with a friend and then weds - sun every night is zorn zorn zorn. it's a little overwhelming. but damn i am excited.
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so last night punk and i made the best chicken. it was both of our first times making a whole chicken without someone with the knowledge on hand. rooster is the regular chicken cooker in house. so i thought of garlic under the skin and he raised me some rosemary under the skin and some lemon slices as well. omg! and then i threw together an ad hoc stuffing with garlic croutons, garlic, onion, rosemary, salt, pepper, mushrooms and marsala wine. holy damn. amazing chicken. then on the side some salad with pea pods and poppyseed dressing with soynuts and sunflower seeds and a side of asapargus steamed and then tossed with lemon, butter and goat asiagio cheese. yum right?

so because i missed my rooster with the 14 hours of band yesterday - i wanted to try to recreate the chicken plus make her some rhubarb pie. i had made some rhubarb pie on thurs night when i got home from the jason webley show so i could have it for the fancy and high pressure work picnic and she helped but got no pie because the slice i saved for her landed on my apt stairs facedown when the plastic bag holding the vodka broke open and spilled a literal gallon of vodka in the front lobby of my apt. good times. so i wanted to make her chicken and pie.

the rhubarb pie was looking good - but i realized i was a little short on rhubarb. so i threw in the bing cherries that were left. mmmm still a bit sparse. and so i threw in... strawberries. now i am usually VERY against strawberries in rhubarb pie. i believe that the sweet overpowers the charming tart and i get really fucking cranky about it. however desperate times my friends. and so... it turned out well. something in my recipe is making the guts of the pie juicier than is my liking - but it turned out super well and most importantly rooster loved the pie, the chicken and the stuffing.

so there you have it - a rare cooking post as i spent most of the day listening to the dixie chicks, nick cave and pj harvey while cooking up a storm and then eating while watching the six feet under dvds. its a good prep for going back to work.

tomorrow night is band practice. wooooeee i am excited. vagabondage has some great new songs to work out and nail down. i totally am a geek for it.

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