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so we just launched that whole free streaming thing up over on jaman. how this is way cooler than other shit is that its free instant watching of artsy, classic, indie movies that are FEATURE LENGTH. stuff you can often only see at film festivals or overseas. so that cool doc wildlife photographers, or night of the living dead, or the udrey hepburn classic charade, or the buster keaton classic go west, or or or... there are 100+ up now and we're adding more weekly. Oh and there is good techie mumbo jumbo that means the player adjusts to your connection to give you the highest quality image. it works in all countries. it rules. i think its pretty exciting.

here's a link to the list of all of the films


Mar. 1st, 2008 07:58 pm
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i spent my day on a film shoot. my lord am i tired. still got my accordion lesson in. and just damn am i tired.
yet still - it's fun to be on a film shoot with a punk rock INS agent trying to deport a chicken while chasing him with a rolling pin.

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Just a quick note. I have many pals who are filmmakers. I sometimes speak on panels for filmmmakers. Mostly these conversations are about getting your film online.

See I have a little bit of a unique perspective on this. I worked for six years programming for an world famous film festival. Being the main person who helped decide what films would screen and working with filmmakers to ensure they got the most out of that screening. Now I work for a corporate online media website that has been around since 1998 and we actually do now and have always paid our filmmakers. What's so unusual you say? Lots of places do and sometimes pay A LOT. Well you know - it's always in the fine print. Things have changed a lot since the late 90's. Some companies promise to pay and the checks never comes. Some places sound too good to be true. What I need to tell my filmmaking pals is - if it sounds too good to be true it likely is. BUT if it sounds almost too good to be true - well then it actually might be ok.

So I am posting this rare post about what I do to help out some folks that I actually know recently got some bad information.

First - in this day and age you should put your film up on a free upload site. I recommend AtomUploads.com but really any of the basic free upload sites work. Put the link in the signature of your email. If you have a website or a blog - use the embed code to put your film in there. You won't get paid but you will have a good marketing tool to get your name out there as a filmmaker and to build your reputation. Curators for short film websites that will pay you look at sites like these to find new talent. Get yourself in the talent pool. You have nothing to lose except the starving artist status of toiling in obscurity.

Second - the good news is with step one you're out there in the world. Those sites usually offer content only in a streaming context so you don't need to worry about anyone stealing or downloading your film without permission. Which brings us to my BIG DEAL point #2. Make sure that if you do put your film on a site that offers downloads to their users that your content is DRM protected. That means the company puts a protection on your film that means even if people can download it, it's protected and cannot be easily stolen and reuploaded under the pirates name. Now some folks think that especially with artsy content you don't need to worry about this (http://www.slate.com/id/2182950/). My comment to that is - as a filmmaker you put a ton of work into your art. If you are comfortable knowing that it's easily stolen, hacked, re-edited, etc - go for it. But make an informed decision about it. God forbid your artsy film hits the cultural zeitgeist at just the right moment and you're getting paid for the views on a site like AtomFilms (where the films are protected) and some pirate steals the content from another site where you have it for download without protection, the pirate uploads it to YouTube and then no one goes to the site where the views equal cash for you. It could happen. Just make sure you go into these things with your eyes open.

Third: Don't limit yourself. Most online film places like AtomFilms, Jaman, FunnyorDie, etc will offer you a non-exclusive contract for your work if they want to pick it up. If someone wants exclusive only on your film - make sure you get compensated for that and make sure it's for a limited time frame. You don't want to have your film forced into a failing marriage with no way to get out for five years. Read your contracts and again - get informed. This film is your baby. It's awesome. Treat it with care and love.

Fourth: While you're filming make everyone sign the releases. Someone composed music for you? Have them sign a license. Really. You need this stuff if you want to help your film succeed. If you have all of your releases and music licenses and a film company wants your film - they can make it do anything. Mobile phones, iTunes, online, download to own, really the sky is the limit for how the company can promote your film. You want film distributors to work for you. Make it easy for them to promote and spread your film.

Fifth: You are your best brand. Your film is a product under your brand. That sounds gross right? Too much marketing corporate talk. Seriously though - when you make a facebook profile or a livejournal - you're creating an identity online. If people become fans of that identity, that brand, they will want to see your products. They'll become your community and support your work. It's not icky to help people find art that they like. We all do it all of the time, when we send a link or post something we think is supercool. Make your film be the supercool link that everyone shares. You'll be doing good in the world by sharing art and connecting people.

There is more but I stop there.
Good luck and happy filmmaking.

(if you want to share this please credit Cindy Emch or just link back to the original post)
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what are folks opinions about fight club?
[personal profile] pantryslut i am looking at you first

mine was pretty simple. i enjoyed it with the same sort of gritty loving the aesthetic as i did with se7en. i liked how things twisted around in some ways and how things layered themselves. the silliness inherent in machismo had me laughing at some parts that i think we not meant to be funny. and in the end the pseudo revolutionary antics were just a random plot point to serve as eye candy while furthering the psychological story. i have seen it more than once. it holds up fine. but aside from the cinematography i have no fierce hold on it.

how about you?
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[Poll #1096141]I have an interesting theory that some movies just evoke strong reactions in people. Positive and negative. I am curious as to your Moulin Rouge opinions. Please also feel free to go off in the comments.
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One of the artsier films we've launched lately - i thought some of you might really dig it's silent film stylized goodness
and now you can watch the whole film here without an annoying ad. yay!

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feminist review of grindhouse
comments rock as hard as the review
mostly - i love where this is taking my brain - whether or not i agree with everything written


i just love the layers and the ways to look at things.
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and you think i am kidding but i am not. last night getting to see grindhouse, which i have been out of my skin jumpy excited about since SEPTEMBER, i had the pre movie happy adrenaline. i got the OMG look at what they did with the: trailers. credit fonts. cameos. film burns. film treatments. action sequences. gratuitous. bad ass. action. adrenaline. jumpy. fire. guns. cameos. etc.

and then i got to TALK about it. and get home and TALK MORE about it. and all the out of my skin jumpy excited that i used to walk in about pop culture and film and music on a daily basis is back and kind of kicking my ass / exhausting me because all i want to do is talk and talk really fast and jump around and find more movies to see and go read variety and sight and sound and dig into it all like i used to do when i had two large legal sized filing cabinets overflowing with clipped magazine and academic and whatever i could find articles on every single music/art/film thing that i liked so that i could have a place to store the archives of knowledge that i was pouring through all of the time b/c i had free access to essentially every magazine published. for realz.

and now NOW i find out that zorn has a great american music hall show in november and my tickets are bought and omg music and jazz and avante and noise and WOW WOW WOW and i am so excited and i can't even stand it and i just want to go and BUY lots of MAGAZINES and MUSIC and MOVIES and watch and think and talk and explore and find new places in my brain that think all new kinds of ways

and tonight if QOM and i am so excited to hear more art and more people and poetry and reading and wowowowowowow.

btw - i am reading at poems under the dome at city hall on monday. poemdome.com i think. wanna come?
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another thing i remembered - i love film. i am a huge fucking film geek. i am so used to deferring to the film geekery of filmmaker rooster since that's her art and all. but i forget how much of the film / pop culture brain i have. how many film books i bought on my own. how much of my building star sightings was all movie this and pop culture that. how EXCITED i get about film stuff. i bought a script for pandora's box. how amazing is it to buy a script for a SILENT FILM. that's HISTORY PEOPLE. not dry facts in a book - but how art used to HAPPEN. wow. so amazing. america felt alive for me down there. art felt alive and happening and present everywhere. we weren't in the blonde and white and star sort of areas. we were around the real people. and it just felt so good. i was full of exclamations all over the place but so excited. and hey - i got cat called. and it wasn't icky. "nice legs" hmmm - something oddly validating in that. and it's not a compliment i have ever gotten. it was so far from sleazy - it was strange even if just in that. same tone as someone saying nice coat.

there is a theater there that only and always plays silent films. i almost took a picture of pola negri's hollywood star. louise brooks doesn't have one - but apparently  i could nominate her.

i am starstruck by a city.

it wasn't what i expected.

it was so so so much more.
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Hey folks - Roosters film shoot is a couple of weeks away and she is trying to get everything together for it.

It's a short film about a Latino family and the way that different people in the family relate / react to death.
It's quirky, funny, poignant... you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll walk away transformed... but that of course will happen AFTER the film is done.

So to ensure that the actors and crew are happy I am asking (on behalf of the director and based on my faith in the project)
for any donations of food, gift certificates for food, beverages, (paypal donation info at the bottom of the post) etc. In exchange for your donation you will get a thank you in the credits and a warm fuzzy feeling inside :)

Rooster has shown all three of her films at film festivals, curated museum screenings, etc. She has been named as one of the "Up and Coming Latino Filmmakers." and she just got a 4.0 for her first semester of grad school. So you'll be at the forefront of supporting an innovative queer latina filmmaker who will someday be the queer latina jim jarmusch. well that's the plan anyway. Plus - you'll be being extra nice.

Also - if anyone is available or interested - the weekend of Jan 20th she will be shooting the film's party scene over in Oakland. Wanna be an extra? Drink party punch and get your closeup? Let me know - she is looking for extras, esp people who live in the east bay so it's more convenient for them to come on over.

Alrighty - please let me know. You rock.

ps - she says that even if you wanna donate one can of coke she'll take it

ETA: OH! ok if you wanna make a donation via paypal - the pp acct email to donate any amount of money (even a dollar) to is chuckyg66@hotmail.com
i was gonna add a button but..  i can't figure it out right now and need to lay off the typing.
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So in havinga conversation about video rental - I got thinking about my comfort movies. The ones I own, the ones I rent, that make me feel better after fights, sickness, tiredness, stress, breakups etc.

Mine is ON THE TOWN. Watching both Gene Kelly and Frank SInatra look so naive and just happy - I get a dumb ass smile on my face even if I am crying because of other things. I can watch it over and over and it is my happy place.

Then I realized that my #2 choice doesn't work anymore. ROBIN AND THE SEVEN HOODS used to rock my world. Same sort of goofy happy.

Used both of these movies to get me through some hard times post breakup and into a new and emotionally intense relationship. One of those times when friends check out because they feel betrayed by your break up.

But I made the mistake, while ex and I were 'trying to be friends' we went to a campy screening of ROBIN... at the Parkway in Oakland. Drank a couple pitchers of alcoholic cider, laughed and laughed, had a great time - but now - watching the movie, the memories come in and it's not mine anymore. It became another one of those damn 'us' things. And when it's an 'us' that doesn't exist anymore, I feel like another precious thing has been stolen from me. And I didn't even realize that I was handing over my proverbial wallet.


but on the town will always be mine.

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