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so this feels like it isn't work safe - but it is
it feels like it was directed by lynch - but it isn't

so amazing. so pervy. so delicious.

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check out www.bigtopmagazine.com

here is what they have to say for themselves

...Step right this way, ladies and gentlemen, and enter the Big Top! A place of wonder, delight and whimsy, a place of dreams and desires!

A place called home.

This site began as a vision of mine somewhere around a year ago, and though it has been met with many challenges in it’s creation – with more to come, I’m sure – here it is, for you.

One of the primary goals I have for it is connecting us, all around the world. The artists, the dreamers, the people who have the power to change the world through beauty – and do. That’s absolutely everybody as far as I’m concerned, but maybe someone just needs a kick in the ass to get them going.

Please push and post this site everywhere you possibly can think of; It is the first and only of it’s kind out there as far as I know, and maybe someone has been looking for it – which is where the seed for this dream was planted. I was that person not too long ago.

Though I wish to keep away from political issues, I do want to address the numerous ways we can improve the world around us. Red, Black, White & yellow – with a Green tint. Dig what I’m saying?

SO – please check out the site, push it around to everyone, everywhere, and most importantly, enjoy it. There's a lot of words, but I focused on putting in pretty pictures as well. Also an unknown link here or there. More to come.




With lots of love,


~ kSea flux

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i got so reminded of this tonight. we went to the parkway and saw sweeney todd. awesome. as we were leaving the rhps kids were waiting to go in. but they were virgins and didn't understand why it didn't start until midnight. somehow on the sidewalk i just bust out with this song which i prolly haven't even thought of in 10 years? 12 years? i used to be on a cast you know. i think i've seen it... 131 times? ah a blas from the past... i love nostalgia.
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One of the most hilarious interweb stories ever.

All about a dog and it's love of the sweet potato.
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I just saw a most hilarious and insane video over at work. A guy attempts to hit all 171 starbucks in manhattan in 24hours. the rule is he has to buy something from every single one. i won't give away the ending - but omg - coffee insanity. its kinda the short attention span Fast Food Nation for coffee.

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