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some days - especially sundays - are funny. so i didn't go to the park and squeezebox. instead i went to the mall. wait now - before you get all weird about it - that's really only the beginning of the story. so i went to the mall and bought a tank top. wahoo - i am living large. and then headed to black heart tattoo for the consult. punchline of that. i didnt realize my consult was an appt. i thought it was a period of time on sundays when consults happened. bad communication. ok well - thankfully i was only 6 mins late for my consult. which then took 10 mins. tattoo is planned. now since the place is right next to zeitgeist i decided hell - [personal profile] gordonzola  likes to meet me at zeit for beer. so i had texted him earlier to see if he wanted to. he is one of my favorite zeit pals and yay he was up for it. but because the consult wasn't first come first serve and was pretty quick - i was there early. got my bloody mary. sat down and huzzah is that cribbage i hear next to me at the table? what commenced involved a lot of cribbage, crashing a bday party, a lot of bloody marys and something close to a sunburn. still plannin on k'v after some food. woot. best sunday in a while. here are pics of me, [personal profile] gordonzola and hillary - who was turning 30 and likes to play cribbage.

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tonight i was roosters date for a classical guitar recital at her classmates home in noe valley. her classmates husband is off to singapore for some crazy fancy guitar world competition and so they're having recitals now to help prepare him for the competition. he played and alternated with a friend of his who he had gone to the conservatory of music with. the night in theory finished with a guitar violin tango duet that was amazing. but with so many musicians in the house a classical / avante guitar jam quickly ensued. a woman fainted from the heat and the herbs she had partaken of. it was kind of wild. it reminded me of what i always thought art salons in paris would be like. we were hoping to split the difference and make it to sizzle so rooster could be my date - but sadly it was not to be. i met a mexican dj named hector. he seemed nice. apparently in mexico there are huge billboards of him for what a great dj he is. i asked him where he played though and he just said everywhere. that made me sad. i would've loved a touchpoint for what style of dj he was. so yea. surrounded by art last night and now tonight and even this afternoon at accordion apocalypse and... i am tired and a little sad but it's been an amazing day. totally enjoying this new - having enough energy to leave the house - thing that the supplements and decent food are allowing.

i am even looking into a local art collective. yea. things are in the works. i like it that way. 
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