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this was a very good time. the faire people were generous and sweet and amazing. the crowd was full of kind friendly people, kids and families and punk rockers and geeks and a good damn time was had by all. my most and least favorite was of course the steampunk area. so many pretty things. but so many people crammed into such a tiny area.

here is some evidence from the day and the set [community profile] vagabondage  did. We had a seriously good friggin time.

all of the evidence is over on flickr



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Come rock out with your favorite accordion playin shouty roustabouts at Maker's Faire

We're playing on Sat at 6pm

le w00t

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 to my thoughts over on [livejournal.com profile] vagabondageband 

last night held some really sweet and tender moments for me. the barrel chest hug from a newish friend. the secret tour of the factory. seeing how people come together to create community and things that are lovely. the hand on the shoulder stop from another musician to tell me i blew him away. that look in the eyes when you've really touched people. the longer than usual goodbye hug and kiss on the cheek that lingers long enough to say that maybe we're newly met but we're finding family.. not a flirty holding on, but just a we're each others people in the happywine way, someone seeking me out to hand me the sangria they made. that moment right before a breath when the electricity just sparks up.  the generosity of nachos. the afternoon light in oakland on a warm day. the open smiles of people who left their cool at the door. the charm of seeing the cool kids looking surly and wallflowered while us dorks enjoy the dancy. 
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Start Time:
Wednesday, March 25, 2009 at 6:00pm
End Time:
Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 1:00am
The Sunshine Biscuit Factory
581 81st Ave.
Oakland, CA


March 25 2009. 4PM. The dead will rise and swarm the city. Join them. The website listed above will have a map/route posted very very soon.

The final destination will be The Sunshine Biscuit Factory, for an after party in Oakland.

This will of course mean swarming the BART station, and migrating the zombie mob, soon to take over the entire bay area. (Don't worry city dwellers, the party starts early giving you plenty of time to make it back home).

The walk starts at 4PM. The party starts around 6PM.

With performances by:

Victoria and the Vaudevillains




Wild Things

The Can-Cannibals


Directions from BART:
Get off at Coliseum Bart Station
Head South down San Leandro Ave.
(Towards 73rd Ave.)
Left at 81st Ave.
Follow the arrows all the way down to the end of the building. The gate should be open.

Donations gratefully accepted!
ID required if you plan on drinking.
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 The show last night was fun and awesome. Got there super early to help with set up and worky work to offset the $$ I didn't have to attend the show. Realizing that working for trade really works for me personally. I love to help. I love being a part of the machine that makes it all move forward. Sure some volunteering here and there isn't live DRIVING the machine or anything. But it's being of service to something I love. Putting a little sweat into making an art show or a tour easier for the performers. Plus you know the whole getting to see the show free part. Here's me being dorky

ANYWAY. Here is one of the videos. One of the best songs ever about friendship. Feels so true and honest and like it applies to every single phase of my life in all of the good ways.

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 + leaving fear and ego at the door mean that i'm not afraid to talk to anyone. even people who i admire beyond belief. some of my closest friends are people that had my ego stopped me i would have never talked to. on weds night i walked past that fear again. and last night the new person i was friendly too came up to me post show and remembered me and said a specific hello. i had brought him some of my own art to share just in case this exact thing happened. he looked like a kid on xmas. surprised, happy and charmed. and then he rushed off to the destination that had caused him to cross my path.

+ horns. omfg the horns. 

+ talking to some guys outside post show and finding a trombone player. hot damn how exciting would it be to ADD HORNS to a vagabondage set?

+ sitting in the car for 30 mins talking to punk about jazz and our exciting project that is in the works. omg. still tempted to call him during one of the zorn shows and just leave the phone on so he can hear this insanity. remembering his reaction to cobra is one of my favorite concert memories. trumped only (so far) by rooster's face during some of masada string trio on weds. 

+ tears coming to my eyes yesterday. a. while reading a friends manuscript. b. while hearing the sax do THAT THING. c. while listening and having the music wash over me. d. when texting a friend about love and music. e. while watching masada clips online to send [livejournal.com profile] sagahar  as we late night band / music geeked out over IM

+ new vagabondage song rolling in to our brains. words rolling around making themselves heard.

+ believing in all of the good things and trusting that they are real.

+/- realizing that now that i have a job i like it's even easier to see the road i should walk in front of me. all of the time that used to be consumed by trying to not be miserable is now just open. and so i feel incredibly open. to everything. to all of the possibilities.

+ new project / collaboration that i am so excited for. it's going to challenge my tech abilities but i am ready to go for it.

- still working out how the new income breaks down in the day to day impact and not so good at it yet. something is needed to make up the difference. but something will come.
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 Last night was the first night of the Zorn Residency at Yoshi's - or the first night I was going to. And OMFG. My heart broke just wide open. Tears came to my eyes more than once. And I was just so so so so happy. The things that a violin, a cello and a bass can do when conducted by Zorn. We were close enough that we could hear the in between song banter and at one point Zorn shakes all their hands post song and says Gentlemen that's really as good as it gets. I couldn't have agreed more. With no video camera or still photo camera to hide behind and with a seat that was literally stage side there was no separating myself or my heart from the music and the free floating goo that makes up my thoughts, feelings and passions felt barely contained in all of the exquisite. Knowing the songs and hearing how and where they were varying from the original compositions was magic. I felt like how I have heard spiritual awakenings described. This is my walk back into music as survival and music as the sustaining force. These nights are my vows. I am on a new road and we all know it but the priorities are set and digging themselves deeper every day and every moment. I am officially looking for a mentor again and I finally am starting to believe that thing that M has been telling me for over a year... 

"It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but
the best, you very often get it." - Somerset Maugham

Images from last night's playtime

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 ok - i feel insane and crazy but that's ok there are good reasons for it. but FIRST

VAGABONDAGE is gonna rock your gypsy lovin socks at THE DEPOT
The Depot is the bad ass bar in the SF State University Student Union
yes people tonight we go collegiate. 

Come out and play - we're on from 6-7!

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Pics from the show

Videos over here (Vagabondage, Can-Cannibal Dancers, Victoria & the Vaudevillians, Donny Vomit and more)

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Do you love music and freaks? Of course you do! Put on your shiniest hat & shoes and join Vagabondage for... THIS!

Feb 12 - 2009
Hotel Utah Saloon, SF
Show @ 9:30pm

HAMMERTIME! Variety Show with Shmaltz Brewing Company featuring...

Donny Vomit, The Human Blockhead

Sexy Burlesque with N.P.I. (Nomadic Pyro Insomniac)
Punk Can-Can with The Can-Cannibals

Zombie Punk Cabaret with Victoria and the Vaudvillains

Belly Dancing by Marina

Hotel Utah Saloon, SF
Show @ 9:30pm

It's the debutante ball for the new Human Blockhead Beer

photos woo

Jan. 30th, 2009 09:22 am
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xposted to [livejournal.com profile] vagabondageband 

The Vagabondage performy show for Chinese New Years was really really fun. And since it was in the home of a professional photographer - she documented in the nicest ways - there are videos over on the youtube account - but this eye candy was just to fun to not post.

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hey friends
i'll bring the accordion and my voice - who wants to come share a drink at specs and sing a long out in the alley now and then?
i am officially taking requests for sing a longy songs to play on the accordion


here's what i am thinking
Feb 5 @ Specs in North Beach - we meet up there around 8pm and hang until 1130ish since technically it's a school night.

all of the rowdy playful people who are interested show up and we drink and laugh inside and when the mood striked we kick it outside singing songs, being dorks and passing the hat for the tourists and locals who dig our crazy scene

if you're coming please say so in the comments and like i said above - requests welcome

fyi North Beach is about a 10 minute walk uphill from Montgomery St BART aka the Financial District. MUNI serves it pretty well too if you check the muni site for the routes.

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no new pictures - but video of the most righteous hubba performance coming soon
yes we turned material girl by madonna into one badass sea shanty
plus i got to hear mckuzo and trotsky who are really pretty motherfucking cool

more to come - sleepy zonk
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me and some charming pirate ladies are going to be performing a pop culture classic tonight at the hubba hubba in oakland (uptown bar)
it's only gonna cost $5 and in addition to us tonight we may lose the battle to keep the lovely dancing ladies in their clothes
it should be extra cool
i hope you can come 
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friday i woke up full of snuggle. this to me is a good sign. i am often the fidgety bed cat once awake and really need to get up within a short span of approximately 10 minutes after consciousness hits.  but friday i was full of soft burrow in sorts of cuddleness. work was also a good thing. some of the [data embargo] seems to be clearing up and regardless my pms is leaving and my emotions are more like i like them. existing and present but not a rollercoaster of overwhelm.

onto the open mic which was full of so much win. kirya traber kicked 8 zillion kinds of literary asses. we all sang a good old fashioned happy birthday song to [personal profile] doppmonster and i got to hug and squeeze on a whole passle of LJ folks.  had brought my teeny accordion as sound effect music. [personal profile] fightingwords rocked it.

then it was on the the mark growden curated 705 show. a cross cultural exchange between san francisco and santa rosa. [personal profile] whittles was my uber charming date. unlike our last accordion show together she was a little more manly and i was a bit more girly. the exact swapping of gender performative fashion. and it wasn't even planned! le w00t. i think these were our tough faces.

the music at the show was so good. now its the next morning and i have no idea of anyone's name. sigh. but i am going to go dig up the show listing from somewhere and go get all itunes supportive. my legs and arms are full of ache from the stomping and the pounding and the clapping (damn rsi) and my road is rough like gravel roads from the yelling and singing along. mark of course was the awesome. here is a pic of him playing st. judas.

i got to get that teenage feeling back a few times with music all up in my chest and [personal profile] whittles to gush at about it. mark played guitar, banjo, accordion, saxaphone and at one point, bicycle handlebars. mmm the haunting. other folks played cellos, standup bass, keyboards, guitars and like twelve more kinds of awesome. at one point there was a pink ruffly skirt, rapping, and beach balls. it was a strange and perfect combination. my throat got filled with metaphorical glitter.

something else sort of amazing. when you're at a show. if its the right show. when you should 'who has a sharpie' someone will just pull one out of their pocket for you. that did happen last night and so whittles was able to modify my tattoo as she has been threatening to do for a very long time.
 that my friends needs to become a new LJ icon. seriously.

it was also a night of hats. i felt not left out with flowers in my hair (thank you for the duet [profile] ksea) but sadly there was no cell phone documentation of the fabulous chapeaus.

it's kinda hard in a way to sum up the night. i got to be full of crazy burst fireworks of happy. i felt like i let the stress and ick of the week fall off in that way that seems very stereotypically 'office worker let's loose on TGIF!' But damn it was fun. last night i was full of words about it and today i am only half full and the words are clumsier than what the feelings were. i felt moved and impressed and in my own heart and loved. yea you know that was part of it. i got to see some friends and be out in the world and i have been so hermited lately, and hermited even when i am out. my heart was closed off even if i was out and about. last night i let myself be open again and felt easy and loose in my joints. even as i stomped them into sore jangly bits. it was as they say a good time. i plan to have it again. i need to pay attention to the signs. to myself. it's all about music these days. that's where this goodness is coming from. i have to make the time to invite more in. and later - i will be practicing - oh yes.

my choice sayings of the night:
satans got your nose
my heart attack tastes like fried milk
it's like eating the earth - in a good way
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it's been a hard night. looking through the looking glass and seeing the distortions that other people can see. it's not that they're always wrong. but it's... distorted. off. not right. tonight i get to look through all the funhouse mirrors. i think i prefer the flat reflections - honestly.

unrelated to but in the same timeframe. the reading was good tonight. it was small with us three readers but it went well. i am developing a new nervous twitch when i read. not sure how i feel about that - but c'est la vie these things happen. i was sad that ali wasn't reading. and then realized that tomorrow night is a fancy sister spit reading at city lights. ah ha! so the readers are spread out. now it all makes sense.

i was talking to some folks about curatorial issues on sunday night. fuck man curating is a thankless job. i love it. but really. all that work to help ensure other people's art gets the love and attention. it's important and i always try to feature or schedule performers whose voices are crucial and important and maybe even life changing to the right person in the audience. but sometimes i do want to just sit back and go to other people's readings. to sit back and just be a writer. work on just my own work and not all of the word of mouth to get people to come and know about and want to see the amazing reader. and then i hear people bitch about this that and the other and i just wonder if they know how much work and thought goes into trying to make space for art. i wonder if it's worth it. but it is. it totally is. regardless of anything else - making space for art in the world is necessary. making accessible space for that art - is necessary.

i think tomorrow night we finish the holiday decorations. this is our ninth holiday season together. i remember when i was all angry punk rock and FUCK CHRISTMAS. first holiday with rooster i had flipped from fuck it to where's my tree. kinda hilarious. i can't wait to put on eartha kitt's santa baby and just decorate the crap out of the house.

the moon is huge tonight. i am hoping it's holding some good good dreams.
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k'vetsch tonight and would you believe - every open mic-er was awesome. like ow punch in my gut awesome?!?! from new readers to seasoned - it was one of those hear a pin drop nights.

i was thrilled that my pal and awesome (This American Life featured) pal Kelly Lee was reading.
i got all moved and shit.

i was so sad to miss last nights reading - but tonight made my heart sing.
i love that i live in a place where there is so much good art.
so many people willing to step up on a stage and risk it.
people just willing to rip that skin off their heart and take the flesh underneath it
and make it text.

it's been an emotional weekend.
and i thank the universe for it.

easy never gets you to the good parts.
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so last night - [personal profile] gordonzola and i went to the tom waits peepshow. omg the awesome. aside from my inability to parallel park and spilling whiskey on my leg - it was just fucking incredible. i almost cried during one song. had many excited gasps of air with others. and just in general was super impressed and touched and moved. i liked it enough that i am kinda considering going again tonight. but i don't think i can afford it. what a great night though. i love performances that grab me under the ribcage and shake me around. saw horehound there as well which was  grand. oh! and the bandleader sang in my ear. what charms these theater folk have. oh AND. one of the leads was wearing a dress that was a John Deere floral print. *heart flutter*

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