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So we just launched a new game on our site. It's one of those so simple it's fun for most people who need to vent some frustrations but it gets harder as you go. Anyway - I am addicted to it like few things.

So please - I encourage you to have a looksee

the Possum Death Spree microsite located at http://possum.atomfilms.com


Be sure to check out the new game and please give us some love on digg:  http://digg.com/playable_web_games/Possum_Death_Spree_The_Game


Let the games begin.
(I got a 32 so far)

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We just launched the next episode of Possum Death Spree.
I love this short.
It totally puts the awesome in possum*

Check it out

*catch phrase by Bucky Sinister
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just for the record
i am about 600% happier today

rooster being home, good friend company, huggle IM's, productivity at work, proactive self around some personal business, weekend arriving are all a big part of why

also there is this - which i cannot even wait to get on the train home to read. i actually WANT muni to get delayed today :)
the best film magazine in the world with THIS film that i totally want to take apart and get brainy about on the inside - omg - omg - omg - HAPPY

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Ok y'all - this is the new awesome action / horror / spoofy / campy film we just released.
OMG awesome. It's got a message too. See due to global warming the permafrost is melting and so killer possums are coming to get humans. You know they killed the dinosaurs right? And then... oh sheesh - just check out the movie - then you will understand teh awesome.


Mar. 2nd, 2007 08:42 am
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Ok folks - first happy happy - it was in fact only a one day food/beverage related illness. went to bed super early (9:30) last night still feeling iffy - woke up at 7:15 and felt yay happy. i am still sticking to bland foods to be safe but WOW it feels good to feel good.

Second though - i told some of you that we were releasing the cutest, most hilarious sort of uber short film EVER at work soon. well it launched yesterday - and it makes me so sad that i couldn't tell you then - so i tell you now... EMAIL!!! is one of my favorite films that we have ever put up. it is just... awesome. and it's only about a minute long. please check it out and tell your friends. i love it. in the most dorky interweb geek ever sort of way - i love it. LOVE IT.


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