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Just announced: new Vagabondage Album!

OMG folks - I'm so excited to tell you about the new live Vagabondage record. Sure we're just about done with the epic studio album Whiskey & Starlight, but first we made and released this super charming snapshot of a live show. Six songs long, full of excited audience and us really being in the moment - it's a document of a great show at a tiny local theater in San Francisco called the Boxcar. Hence 'Live at the Boxcar.' The album cover photo was taken by SF photographer Carrina Maree at this years Junkstock and, well, I'm just kind of in love with all of it.

The final mixing was done at Saturn Studios / Ransom Note Records in SF - who are the same folks we are doing the studio album with and man I just couldn't be happier. They're located in Upper Castro in SF, queer owned and operated and so I like to think there is a healthy dose of magic SF fog and homo dust glittering up the album.

We are pricing this one pretty low at $3, mainly because it's such a labor of love and the folks who helped us make it gave us a huge break money wise, doing work for us either sliding scale or free. So we wanted to pass some of that on. A lot of our fans have asked us to release something live and so this is really a little love letter to those folks who come out and throw the goat with us, dance along to songs and just make us know why we do the art that we do.

Now we're just working to get the word out about the EP and hoping that you all like it as much as we do. If you like it, please tell your friends :) and heck, please tell us!

Right now it's mainly being sold on bandcamp (click the album cover above for the link) since they have the most artist friendly policies. It will be released on itunes and those places soon but we're having some tech issues with our normal distribution service.

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"...utter heartbreak and beauty all at once... excellent strings on this project include a fiddle that will make you weep into your glass of hooch, the tender mandolin and more..." - Tony Dushane, SFGate

"...a blend of vaudeville, gypsy jazz and Southern-Gothic" - TwangNation.com

"...the excellent alcohol soaked, murder ballad, steam punk band." - Tony Dushane, SFGate

"Atmospheric, literate, romantic drinking songs.  What more do you want out of life?" - Geoff Berner


Here's a link to the brand spanking new album from the Oakland based Rhubarb Whiskey. We wrote and recorded the whole album at a home studio near Lake Merritt on a steady diet of wine, whiskey and cajun food. Full of drinkin songs and murder ballads it has been described by everyone that's heard it as completely addictive.

The link on the photo takes you to the bandcamp page where you can download it sliding scale so that if you're broke like us you can still afford it.

Also - my music lovin friends - please help us spread the word. We threw so much love and grit into these songs, we just gotta try and get em out into the world. So help. Please Please help. If you like the songs, please share it on your facebook, mention it in your blog, throw a link somewhere sometime. Every little bit helps.Big love to you all and let's keep building this awesome musical community of awesome. xoxoxo

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at Hotel Utah in San Francisco

Seriously it's going to be a great show plus you can help some starving musicians make rent. If you can please come on out - we have a set locked and loaded that is going to blow the roof off the joint and the Utah is a fun fun venue. Also - if you can please help spread the word about the show. This is one of those that could help us as a band get more paying gigs (and touring gigs) if it goes well so I would consider it a huge personal favor if you helped us get the word out.  Here's the blurb. xo emchy.

Come see my band Rhubarb Whiskey along with awesome touring awesome Mr. Crosby Taylor and local vixen Gayle Lynn and the Hired Hands - show starts @ 8pm and costs $8. 21+ (since it’s a bar and all)

A night of bar stool spirituals, foot stompin alt country and kickin americana music all at the Hotel Utah. Come on out and support local music AND touring rock star Crosby Taylor.

Crosby Taylor is armed with a guitar, amp, drum, and harmonica, conjuring the spirit of the delta by way of the streets of LA.

Rhubarb Whiskey is digging up murder ballads new and old to romance you with the swampy beauty of straight up old school country.

Gayle Lynn and the Hired Hands play bourbon soaked originals to feed your soul.

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