Apr. 6th, 2011

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So I got a text a few days ago about an upcoming show, checked with the guys and was all - sure! And then last night I get an email with the show lineup. HOLY CRAP. Folks this is going to be one helluvan epic show. If you’re in the Bay Area - you don’t wanna miss it.

Thursday April 21st @ Blue Macaw in SF


* Victoria and the Vaudvillains (http://www.facebook.com/vi ctoriaandthevaudevillains)
* Thee Hobo Gobbelins
(http://www.facebook.com/ho bogobbelins)
* Vagabondage
(http://www.facebook.com/pa ges/Vagabondage/16527199821?sk=info)
* Room for Cream
* Puppet of Shadow Circus (MC)
* For Fear the Hearts of Men are Failing (http://www.facebook.com/forfeartheheartsofmen?v=box_3)
* The Adversary (NY) (http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Adversary/107385662627097?sk=wall)

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 i’m picking up a second hand super cheap outdoor table THEN i’m going to get some outdoor lanterns THEN i’m cleaning all of the kid crap and garbage from my messy neighbors (who are moving out) from the yard THEN i’m turning on the grill and BBQing some tasty damn chicken.

this is operation retake the yard. it’s been kid trainwreck land for too long.

also in the works - building planter boxes to grow cucumbers/dill/fennel for my homemade pickles. borrowing a weed whacker to make the back wild part of the yard accessible again. redigging out the firepit and putting wood chairs back there to enjoy. some craigslist finds for portable firepits to put in the brick one already out there show me that i can find something pretty safe for ~$20 and hope hope that if I keep an eye out some nice chairs and/or planter boxes will also be found for ~$20 or less.

next stop - buying jasmine for the backyard to make it the awesome kind of stinky.
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 last night i played accordion for a room full of superheroes while one of my favorite musicians bought me rye whiskey all night. today i had acupuncture, played with chickens and toddlers, drank tamarind soda and drove over bridges in twilight to eat organic bbq’d burgers and drink champagne. then i got fancy Legal Documents in my email which could mean some really good things. then i unexpectedly got paid for some web work that i thought i was doing for free.

tomorrow i finish up a writing gig, go learn how to clean / repair accordion reeds and then head into San Francisco to see some of my friends headline a show.

this week my life just feels crazy.

on friday i think i’m going to make my next batch of pickles with the intention of actually selling some of them. it’s wild stuff in these parts.

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