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Thursday - Raise Your Glass to Rhubarb Whiskey

Drinkers, heart-breakers, the heartbroken, rowdy types, fans of the every growing San Francisco roots/Americana scene, do not miss an amazing East Bay showcase featuring Rhubarb Whiskey.

Rhubarb Whiskey

If you've been playing along at home, you know that I'm a giddy fan boy of Vagabondage, and Rhubarb features Emchy of Vagabondage, playing her squeeze box and singing her guts out with fellow hooligans Boylamayka and Sizzle La Fey. Excellent strings on this project include a fiddle that will make you weep into your glass of hooch, the tender mandolin and more.

I'm listening to Delia right now, a song where Emchy takes center stage and her voice is utter heartbreak and beauty all at once.

From their own words:

"Straight from the stage of a dusty old saloon - the beautiful, sorrowful, American Gothic music of Rhubarb Whiskey is just as much at home in 1890 as they are in 2010."

Also performing are Oakland Wine Drinkers Union, Liquor Cake and 5 Cent Coffee.

Rhubarb Whiskey, Thursday at Starry Plough, Berkeley. 9:30 p.m. $8.

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