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Wanna support a real living bonafide artiste? Here's your chance!!!

Poetry Fire Sale

It's a once in a lifetime chance! You - yes YOU can own an Emchy original poem written to the theme / imagery of your choice. This veteran poet has woo-ed crowds and readers with her tales of bones, antlers, rural beauty, urban landscapes and the heartbreak that hits you under the rib. In this crazy mixed up world the chance to own a piece of art made just for you only comes along so often. So order today as this is a limited time offer.

Cost is $15 - 25 sliding scale. Poems will be delivered within a couple of weeks of purchase via email.

but that's not all - there's MORE!

You can also purchase the brand new EP from Rhubarb Whiskey - your favorite trainhoppin newgrass americana drenched rascals with songs of railyards, drinking, love and travel! You'll get six songs for the punk rock price of $5!!! (sample tracks available HERE)

Still aching for more goodies?

For a limited time only there are a few copies of the Hobo Love Tour EP available - hear Emchy & One Beer Prophet as they sing you songs of circuses, drugs, old blues, and monkeys... yes really there is a monkey song.

All this can be yours just by clicking HERE!!!


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