Mar. 21st, 2011

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 To Japan with Love - TONIGHT IN SF
Awesome show this Monday with Sex Industry, Vagabondage, & The Honeybirds at To Japan with Love: A Fundraiser for Tsunami Relief, featuring Dottie Lux, Alotta Boutté, Leigh Crow, and many more!! Burlesque & Bands - all at the El Rio in SF - TONIGHT!

After watching hours of terrifying footage from the recent Tsunami and it’s effects on Japan, some of us felt small and helpless. What can *I* do?! I’m just one person. One person determined to throw one hell of a party to raise money for relief from this catastrophic surge of oceanic rage.

You’re just one person. One person who can donate their hard earned money to a good cause and have a great time while doing it.

Come for the performances, stay for the raffles, give-a-ways, dancing and drinks.

Red Hots Burlesque presents
To Japan with Love: A Fundraiser for Tsunami Relief
March 21st 8pm-midnight
El Rio:3158 Mission St
$5-500 sliding scale
ALL PROCEEDS GO TO Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund &

Performances by:
Alotta Boutte
Babraham Lincoln
Leigh Crow
AJ Molecular
Scotty The Blue Bunny
Dottie Lux
Sheba Queen of the Night
Kitty Von Quimm
Virginia Suicide and Sex Industry
The Honeybirds
Simone Campell
Star 69
The Stripping Granny
Ruby Vixen
and many more!

DJ: Ginger Murray from The Cat’s Pajamas

Raffles: Over $1200 in prizes!

Free hair cut! Accessories! Event tickets! Merchandise, Series of 8 Guitar Lessons! Sex Toys from: Vixen Creations and
And So much more!

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