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a few years ago i crawled around on these rocks

then hiked down the trail a bit (that had big foot foot prints spray painted on the trail) and went swimming here

i miss that sort of thing. i think i must go hiking on sunday
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there's even a video of the festivities from last year

and THEN i find out that lilacs are blooming in the UP RIGHT NOW

i am addicted to pasty.net sometimes
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i was reading her chapbook and thinking
i have an adventure for someone who will take it
a place to roam and wander with just enough mystery and random
to let the dreams in
drive up and around lake superior until you land in baraga county
from there take the one road, the big one right off of the other main one and then do the gravel road turn off. i've always gotten there this way. drawn to the destination, never sure of the road names. ride down the roads full of potholes and broken dirt and snow bouncing every car around, until you feel like you are the lone car on the rollercoaster. even in the summer, you'll be the only car for miles. if you go to the left you'll find the gorge, can't remember exactly what it's called but i found the forest that inspired david lynch and the first river i swam naked in.
but to the right, this is where you're going. silver mountain. no road signs will lead you there, but once you find it, there is a small state parks sign that let's you know, you are there. the stairs that take you to the top, where the fire tower once was and art kids still go to hide from poor and read the stars like tea leaves. the stairs are kept up well. but in the winter the railing is a sheet of ice. once you're up the stairs and the trail marked by the intuition, the going going going up, you are at the top and the whole of the upper penninsula is at your feet. you can crawl and climb and play with the edges of cliffs and falling when you aren't, but it feels like it. dizzy with so much tree and oxygen. i have been there in the winter at midnight, and every place more and less comfortable in the year.
the clues to find it are here
let me know when you find it

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