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another thing i remembered - i love film. i am a huge fucking film geek. i am so used to deferring to the film geekery of filmmaker rooster since that's her art and all. but i forget how much of the film / pop culture brain i have. how many film books i bought on my own. how much of my building star sightings was all movie this and pop culture that. how EXCITED i get about film stuff. i bought a script for pandora's box. how amazing is it to buy a script for a SILENT FILM. that's HISTORY PEOPLE. not dry facts in a book - but how art used to HAPPEN. wow. so amazing. america felt alive for me down there. art felt alive and happening and present everywhere. we weren't in the blonde and white and star sort of areas. we were around the real people. and it just felt so good. i was full of exclamations all over the place but so excited. and hey - i got cat called. and it wasn't icky. "nice legs" hmmm - something oddly validating in that. and it's not a compliment i have ever gotten. it was so far from sleazy - it was strange even if just in that. same tone as someone saying nice coat.

there is a theater there that only and always plays silent films. i almost took a picture of pola negri's hollywood star. louise brooks doesn't have one - but apparently  i could nominate her.

i am starstruck by a city.

it wasn't what i expected.

it was so so so much more.
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i am home - but i have to tell you i have a HUGE fucking friend crush on LA. the LA that [profile] geishaghostshowed me was full of magic and art and surprises and whisky and poems and angelinos and omg i loved it. is it so very strange that today i got a little slutty and have a friend crush on venice beach now too? the vibe i got - such a delicious and real and speaking right down into those parts of my heart where seedy underbelly meets americana meets friendly meets rock n roll meets etc. a town of dreams that break and in the shatter is some glittery glass that reforms itself into a new creature with altogether new beauty. thick and sacrificial. yes. i liked my trip to la very very much.

plus. it smells like summer there. omg. in the morning. in the night. when smells of place and time are strongest. i kept on getting the summer smells smackdown. venice beach smelled like lake superior. i love it when the waters do that.

i took a lot of pictures. you can see them here: http://flickr.com/photos/emchy/

here's a couple of sneak previews.
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The reading last night was fucking ROCKING. Ryka reading amazing work, thick and sacred and awesome. I did well and liked chewing over my words in a new way in a new place. Alison de la Cruz blew me away (look out SF Alison is heading north in May). And Trystan Reese sang, told stories and read some poems that made me say wow.

Wanna see what the cafe was like?

then we went off to Black Sun at the Monte Cristo the club of the uber goths who were nice and friendly (watch LA Dead for a pic of Ryka & I) and the creepy hitty on guys who made the dance floor occassionally icky. That said - we had a good time.

then we went for all night thai food and it was awesome. There was a live performer who came on and played guitar at about 3am. is this normal in LA?

The photographic evidence is up on www.flickr.com/emchy
More to come when i am not gaffling ryka's mac.

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