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starting by going through to march so it feels more manageable. realizing repeating patterns and seeing journal entries from last september that i could've written yesterday. oh yes our lives and years have patterns. here are the good parts that i found in the first part of last year.

Vagabondage played 27 shows, made two music videos, showed up in the press / blogs eleven times and released an album and almost finished writing a new one.
Rhubarb Whiskey played seven shows and signed contracts / hustled to be in two compilations and started recording a new full length album.  
Oakland Wine Drinkers released a website, booked our first show and recorded demos of five songs.
Rooster and I moved to Oakland.
Adventures at the Handcar Regatta.
Eating strawberries at Swanton Farm at the Pacific Ocean
Wine tasting in Santa Cruz with elusis, raychoo and devilcrayon
The big fancy Murder Ballads show last Halloween at the Sunshine Artists Factory
Movie nights, board games and coffee time with Rooster - swooning still 11 years later
Working Hardly Strictly Bluegrass as staff
Meeting / brushing elbows with Tom Morello, Hazel Dickens, The Knitters, Greg Cohen, Steve Earle and getting a HUG from Billy Bragg
Visiting poets sleeping on my couch
Started personal strengthening / training
Inherited my mothers accordion
Visited my family in Michigan
Stood in my best friends's wedding
Saw the Pixies, Rube Waddel, Golem!, Pinhead Gunpowder, Jason Webley, Mark Growden, and a whole passel of other local bands
Was in a couple of photoshoots by local folks
Got into the 2011 accordion babe calendar
Road trips out of town with Rooster
Russian River wine tasting with Rooster & Rau
Bike Rides to Lake Merritt
Southern breakfasts in West Oakland
Cheap coffee, free wifi and good company at the Revolution Cafe
Hubba Hubba
Coffee dates in the mission with postmaudlin
Walking Lake Merritt solo and with friends

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