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+ being the hero at work
+physical therapy for zee arms
- last physical therapy appt
- stressy stressy work as i clean up unavoidable errors
+ i do now have proof that i do a good job at my job
+ getting over to le f.a.g. house early enought to help and hang out with one of my favorite pals (yes you [livejournal.com profile] gordonzola )
+ getting to eat tasty slutty food (i say cheese is slutty - nothing can taste that good and be wholesome)
+ taking cell phone pictures - yes i have become THAT gurl
+ rides home from nice people that rock so hard - i am point at you iamnotandre  (how did i spell this wrong or does lj just hate me?) and [livejournal.com profile] pantryslut

plus pictures!!!
here and at http://www.flickr.com/photos/emchy/playtime )

cheese post

Nov. 8th, 2006 12:46 am
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this weekend i finally went grocery shopping again. yay groceries. and so again i am back to my experimentation and self education regarding my own pallet around cheese. did you know they called me mouse as a kid because i loved it so much? i even would ask my mom to buy both longhorn and ny extra sharp cheddars. the rest of the family just went with generic orange mild cheddars. i was a fiend for it even then. so the latest discoveries are:

by the way - please bear with me. i don't know foodie terms and descriptions in terms of how to call a duck a duck - and in lieu of saying rich, milky, creamy a million times, i just wrote down the best ways for me to remember the tastes.

i was excited about this one even if just for the name... so complicated - so interesting. but it ended up being pleasant but not really doing it for me.

wisconsin 1yr old orange cheddar
i love cheddars but this one let me down. reminded me of the bland and simple mild cheddars of my youth.

Cheddar with tomato and basil
the cheese felt overwhelmed by the stuff in it. again pleasant but... not enough.

ah but those were all from the PREVIOUS trip - this last one was ALL WINNERS

Mindoro BLue
blues can be pretty lazy and still get high marks from me... this one tasted square in this cool way where i felt the edges of it - i could totally consider it a classic staple

French Port Salut
this is my favorite cheese ever. omigod i feel like i discovered a new world with this one. i love love love it. it's creamy in this way where the taste feels really friendly, cheerful, smiley even. after i ate it i felt like the cheese had kissed the inside of my mouth.

La Capribelle
nice, sharp, tangy, tasted a little bit like swampy green in this autumny way - i mean that in a really good way.

French Millomette
A to B+
like an old school cheddar. but not. more interesting at the same time. heavy flavor. like that cool girl at the bar who gets under your skin. sure she'll talk to you but she's holding onto her secrets. making me feel a bit drunk with tasting now that i have had a few more pieces of it.

Italian Piave
A to B+
nice personality. gruff and tender. sharp but without the harsh. kinda like when you rub a freshly shaved head. i liked it a lot - but am at a lost for tasty words.

Beehive Full Moon Raw Cheddar
now i don't especially go in for raw cheeses. i don't go for it or against it - i just tend to want to try other things with other flavors. so in terms of this cheddar. the flavor felt a bit rough. good rough. like when you're climbing up a rope and your hands get burned from trying to hold on. the flavor holds on like that too. not quite wanting to leave your tongue. it's super pleasant. rich and milkier than the other ones. but it lacks the bitey cheddar that i tend to get crushed out on.
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maybe the theme is 4 years old

so i love the dutch saenkanter gouda (aged 4 years) that i finished off tonight. the flavor is sharp hard and bitey in a way that gouda isn't usually and yet totally stays true to that nutty depth that i love from gouda. i don't often buy gouda since the flavor is so rich and not very bitey. feels like a decadent lazy flavor like laying on a fur rug near a fancy pool in a swimsuit too expensive to swim in.

finished the grafton cheddar - also aged four years. can't even say how awesome the bitey of this is... WOW. but i went on about this before.

the basque tomme goat and sheep milk cheese - i liked enough to finish - but won't buy again. the flavor is a bit too milky for me. dark earthy milk - but too milky nonetheless.

alrighty. that's that batch.

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