Aug. 13th, 2009

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today is a good day.

i slept badly. i woke up to the maudlin fog. and still i said no to the tempting doldrums. today is beautiful and alive.  
so i dressed more sassy. i drank more coffee. and i listened to my new fabu-mix from red_eyed_soul.
my trunk was full of accordion, guitar and sheet music. my legs are full of stripey tights. today will be a good day.

i wrapped up, braided and put ribbons on the loose ends at work. 
i met with the folks who are taking on different parts of my job and coached them through both the work and how to make it fun.
i documented, smiled, laughed and cheered on the work i have made and what will carry on.

i got an email from a pal about a maybe nice work thing.
i got an email from another pal about the same work thing but this time with an offer.
i have a part time job now. at a place i adore. with options of extras that make me swoon with dancy goodness.
we meet next week to make a plan. omg i love making plans. order out of chaos. it's a good good thing.
it won't replace unemployment but it will keep me on track and still working and not falling into judge shows on my couch. 

like i said. it's a good day.

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