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Come join us for the San Francisco Accordion Club’s January Musical Meeting featuring The Amazing West Coast Accordion Babes, Rob Reich, Daddy Squeeze, Behind the Bellows, and special guests!

2pm Sunday, January 16th

at the Oyster Point Yacht Club

911 Marina Blvd.

South San Francisco, CA 94080


Daddy Squeeze, Rob Reich, West Coast Accordion Babes including Big Lou the Accordion Princess, Skyler Fell & Ariel McGurty of The Accordion Apocalypse, Luz Gaxiola, Yeti, Emchy with Vagabondage, Salane Schultz. Warm-up players Ilya Kreymer & Robert Dohr. Stick around afterdark for the amazing documentary film “Behind the Bellows”, a riveting story of the rich history and making of the accordion by the Bay Area’s own Steve Mobia

$6 members/$8 guests—— no admission for performers, please encourage friends and family to attend this awesome event!

yummy snacks provided, cash bar with bayside fireplace, merch table

For more information or to join the San Francisco Accordion Club visit:


Here Come the Calendar Babes …
Big Lou the Accordion Princess. A San Francisco favorite, Big Lou has 20 years of experienceas a solo accordionist. She has played weddings, birthday parties, anniveraries, corporate parties, romantic dinners a deux, and, sadly, funerals. Lou provides the perfect atmosphere for French, Italian, German and Eastern European-themed events. To visit here website, click here .

Jetty Swart-Yeti pronounces her first name “Yeti”, was born in the port of Amsterdam, spent half a life-time in France before landing in SanFrancisco. She found an accordion on her way from Prague to Berlin, passing by New York and Mexico. She sings most of her songs in French, speaks English, dreams in Dutch and calls her music “a punk-style gypsy party where Nina Hagen, Edith Piaf and Kurt Weill meet”. From playing on the streets in the south of France to performances at the Francophonic Festival in Poland, Jetty is hilarious, engaging, dramatic, energetic, touching and thoroughly original. Videos of her performances and samples of her music can be found at her website.

Cindy Emcy & Vagabondage play acoustic gypsy punk, americana, ghost town country, murder ballads and drinking songs for the proletariat with the Bay Area bands Vagabondage, Rhubarb Whiskey and the Oakland Wine Drinkers Union, Local #88. With her tall tales about drinkin. whiskey, love, friendship, and the open road, she is sure to charm you. One can find show listings, music and booking information at vagabondageband, rhubarbwhiskey, and Oakland Wine Drinkers Union.

Skyler Fell & Ariel McGurty are on a quest to bring the accordion to new generations. Skyler is proprietress and repair woman and Ariel is her assistant. The Accordion Apocalypse Repair Shop.San Francisco.s accordion hub, features accordion repair, tuning, sales, lessons, music night, and more! Skyler plays accordion and sings with the dark carnival gypsy jug band The Hobo Gobbelins, as well as Tumbleweed Time Machine, and the Accordion Apocalypse House Band. To visit Skyler’s website, click here.

Luz Gaxiola fuses accordion with circus and comedy. She is a clown with Circus Finelli, San Francisco’s all-women clown troupe, who specialize in pairing breathtaking circus acts with irreverent comedy. Besides accordion, Luz also plays trombone and theremin. She is based in San Francisco, and can be seen performing up and down the coast from Seattle to Mazatlan. To visit her website, click here

Salane Schultz has an original deep vocal quality. Her made up lyrics tend to ponder life while exploring emotions which many of us share. She explores her existence through music and art. Using electronic effects, keyboards, shakers, bells, percussion, tin whistles, other various noisemakers, props, masks and she changes her look for each performance, and her music is always a surprise. To visit her website, click here.

Rob Reich is an acclaimed accordionist, pianist, and composer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A talented instrumentalist and an inventive composer, Rob is steeped in many traditions. In addition to being a versatile solo performer, Rob can be heard playing with many top notch ensembles. He is a member of Tin Hat, Gaucho and The Nice Guy Trio, and freelances with many other Bay Area bands. Rob graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Oberlin Conservatory. Rob recently completed a commission for the Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, “Sidewalks and Alleys”, performed by the Nice Guy Trio and an all-star string quartet. Rob also composes music for Circus Bella. For his website, click here
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