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 driving down alcatraz today with all of the trees browning at the edges and loafing over the road the air was all exhaust and autumn. it reminded me of the unconscious things that matter that can't be put into words.

last night was rhubarb whiskey band practice and i lost hours dancing with musicians and wishing on the christmas lights hanging on the back porch twinkling like night stars.

the night before i saw hurray for the riff raff at the actual cafe along with sam doores and the tumbleweeds and listened to my heart swoon. ended the night dreaming up show tunes at the alley and wondering how many people have lost their hearts under that ancient wooden roof.

the night before that i laughed so hard my stomach muscles still hurt today. i let myself get swept up in the new vagabondage songs we were recording and felt awestruck at the force of the music coming out of us.

tomorrow i will go to the free clinic and get my health checked on. i'll go to work. i'll play accordion at a show for actual money and then go videotape a burlesque show for my friends.

in all of it i keep stopping. finding all of the junkyard roses to smell and all of the tattoos to trace.

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